Did This Scientist Just Prove God Exists?

One of the most brilliant scientists Michio Kaku has decided to dive into a world that many of his peers haven’t. He is using physics and string theory to help prove the existence of a mathematical creator.

In his most recent work, Michio Kaku has found that we live in a mathematical world or “matrix”. Professor Kaku uses what is known as tachyons or theoretical particles to make sense of the universal matter and bring it all down a simple unified theory.

“The goal of physics, we believe, is to find an equation… Which will allow us to unify all of the forces of nature, and allow us to read the mind of God…” -Michio Kakushutterstock_315561197

While searching for an understanding of the mind of God, Professor Kaku believes that there is an intelligent mind much more advanced that we can fathom on the 11th dimension that is actually creating everything we see.

This isn’t the work of random forces he says.

“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence”, says Michio Kaku. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore.”

Check out this incredible explanation about God, Physics, Math and how that effects our reality in the video below!

Since math and number patterns govern the world we live in then does that make the source entity referred to as God a Mathematician? If this is the case then how could we begin to tap into the mind of God in order to better understand the creation before us?

According to string theory, the mind of God is a series of strings emitting a musical frequency that creates the universe. If Michio Kaku is correct then we may now have a clear pathway of research to discovering the truth about God and that entities existence.

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