Did David Rockefeller Just Admit That the One World Order is Real?

In David Rockefellers Memoir published in 2003, Rockefeller openly admits to his personal and family involvement in creating a one world order. Sometimes this group is known as a cabal or elite banking families that control the interests of entire nations including the United Nations.

Before we dive into what he said let’s get a bit of a frame of reference about who David Rockefeller is.

Banking Career

Back in 1946, David Rockefeller became a staff member for Chase National Bank. At that time his uncle was the chairmen of the company. In those days Chase was mostly a wholesale bank who was interested in working with other major banks and financial institutions.

Some of these other big players in the financial community at the time were General Electric, Standard Oil, and Exxon Mobil. These groups worked closely together and were big clients of the Rockefeller family.

David found his skills were in the Foreign Department where he was in charge of maintaining over 1,000 relationships with many different organizations that created trade in various commodities such as sugar, coffee, and the metal industry.

Then in 1960 David became president of the company.

David Rockefellers Political life

Privately, David Rockefeller has advised and met with every US president since Eisenhower. He has also worked on high-level diplomatic missions as an unofficial emissary of the US government.

Seeing his value and influence President Jimmy Carter offered to put Rockefeller in charge of the Federal Reserve and as Secretary of the US Treasury. He instead declined the offers saying that he would rather play a private role.

David Rockefeller again stayed out of the public view when he turned down the Senate seat that was offered to him by his brother Nelson after Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968.

Because of all his professional, personal, political, and family connections, David Rockefeller was able to be a bridge between people all of the world such as Mikhail GorbachevNikita KhrushchevFidel Castro and Saddam Hussein.

What He said in his Book

In the video below we get a peak into David Rockefeller’s Memoir where he openly admits his connection to and pride in working to create one world order. Check it out.

-David Rockefeller

-David Rockefeller

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