What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Art Style

As the Sun travels through the stars, it brings out the character of each zodiac sign, giving each person unique artistic abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each sun sign has its own creative focus, style, and aims to draw different artistic techniques, tools, and materials.

Working with your sign can help you play to your strengths and achieve creative success and satisfaction.

Sun Sign and Creative Types:


shutterstock_64971088Artists born during the Sun in Aries are full of perseverance, hope, and optimism.

They are strongly individualistic and can be assertive when needed.In their art, an Aries should let their inner vision guide them even if that vision leads down paths unknown.

Aries artists often lead their art and push boundaries through visionary avant-garde art forms.


Taurus artists, channeling the power of the bull sign, couldn’t care less about the status quo. They are persistent, tenacious, and often rich in self-belief.shutterstock_321814736

Their drive and resilience gives them the strength they need to finish even the most demanding works of art, from expansive novels to intricate fine paintings.

The Taurus artists’ love for luxury and quality lead them to classical art forms, in which they excel.


For those born during Sun in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, duality is a strength. They are often blessed with the ability to balance two lives and two personalities, allowing them to balance life and art.

Whether that balance means funding their artistic pursuits with other work, or even tackling the business side of selling their art, the Gemini artist thrives. But if a balance isn’t found, conflicting ideas and energies can scatter their minds.


Naturally intuitive, Cancer artists are deeply feeling and perceptive. They are the masters of capturing fleeting emotions and sharing them with others in images and words. Because their artistic work is so charged with powerful with emotions they thrive in safe and secure offices or studios, where they can create things undisturbed.


Leos are limelight lovers and are experts at attracting public attention. Their inner creative drive must be unleashed, and the more people see the better. Such a powerful need for expression and artistic communication makes Leos excellent performers, whether in theater, film, music, or performance art.


shutterstock_321220976Virgo artists have a strong sense of self, often find themselves exploring new and unique ideas.

Despite this, their soft nature can make expressing those ideas difficult.

This difficulty taking credit for their work makes Virgos great ghostwriters, underground artists, or collaborative team members. Their touch is light, but genius is bubbling beneath the surface.


Libra artists are lovers of balance and symmetry. They love aesthetically pleasing art and often prefer working in three-dimensional mediums. These traits often draw them to arts like pottery, ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, and wood-turning. Each of these allows Libras to balance beauty and function in their creative pursuits.


The emotions of Scorpios run deep. They dislike attention, but if left alone to create in peace and quiet, the result will leave the readers or viewers deeply moved. Favoring quiet solitude, a Scorpio artist should let others market their work and focus on pouring themselves into their creations.


Sagittarius artists often have a flair to them and enjoy public attention, though they often create best alone. They have intense energy, which is often expressed in vibrant abstract art, strong colors, and powerful imagery.


Capricorn artists are often driven by a need to succeed and be recognized. Though the lack of public attention may discourage them at first, their inner drive usually leads them to persistent practice and success later in life.

Aquarius:shutterstock_371021159 (1)

Artists born during Sun in Aquarius are often group-oriented creators, and believe in the power and importance of collective goals.

They love to collaborate, and may be unable to create alone.

But once they find a community in which they belong, like an artists’ co-op or collective, their art will flourish and inspire.


Pisces artists are known for their powerful imaginations, and often produce truly unique works in substance and style. Sometimes labeled the voice of the people, Pisces can capture, in art, the vision of a time, a movement, or a group. So get out there and harness your inner creator to make your artistic dreams come true!

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