How to Identify Children With A Highly Active Third Eye

The ability to see perceptions beyond ordinary sight is a power held by the few. While it can be learned, this mystical and esoteric concept, known as the “Third Eye”, requires a strong investment in fostering a relationship between all of your senses.

This inner eye is often referred to as the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher, seemingly unattainable consciousness. Despite the Third Eye being highly associated with religious visions, supernatural or paranormal practices, these only skim the surface of this all-inclusive term.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye, put simply, is our ability to see what might be, to see potential. Often thought of as a “meta” organ, the Third Eye consists of your mind and all of your senses working together, as a more powerful sensory organ.shutterstock_247742929

The ability to sense and visually interpret energy around us is the capacity to project potential. In fact, by seeing energy as a mental overlay as opposed to an abstract concept, it can become a tangible property of life that we can learn how to sense and interact with in a deeper manner.

Your Third Eye processes information and then overlays that information out over other senses, so we can interpret, interact, and understand what energy is and gain the ability to ‘see’ it.

In other words, the mind has figured out something it wants to tell us, and the easiest way for it to do so is through what it already has access to: our five senses.

In action, this can appear as a mystical power, being to “see” or “predict” processes, events, and potentials, which are not physically present. This may seem far-fetched, but it’s a very real and tangible skill. Fostering the ability to tap into your Third Eye requires thorough dedication and constant engagement your inner world – that is, unless you are able to notice signs at an early age, when the Third Eye is at its peak potential.

 Children with Active Chakras

The human body’s chakras develop much like the physical body does. While some chakras open more as a person gets older, there are chakras that get smaller as time passes.

The Ajna Chakra, the body’s energy center used by clairvoyant children to see into the spirit world gets smaller with time.

shutterstock_82120318 (1)

However, when a person is still a child, the Ajna Chakra is perennially activated, resulting in your child’s ability to develop psychic abilities. A child’s psychic abilities are fragile and time sensitive. Therefore, if they’re not honed and actively fostered, they will eventually fade with time.

A child born with the natural ability to channel and tap into their Third Eye is a rare gift that should not be underestimated or squandered. It is extremely important that their abilities are developed in a manner that doesn’t compromise emotional and social growth.

Most importantly, many psychic children prefer to isolate themselves away from society because they have access to an endless world within. In spite of this gift, they must remain actively engaged with the real world to ensure that they grow as actively engaged and socially aware individuals.

 Signs of Children with Active Third Eyes

Psychic children do not fly under the radar. If a child exhibits the following signs and tendencies, their psychic abilities are likely alive and active, and with that, require careful attention and discretion.

·   Likely to be a loner, preferring to keep to him or herself, rather than play with other children

shutterstock_138800666·   Play games that require a heavy imagination, for example, your child may opt to have tea parties with their imaginary playmates, rather than their stuffed animals

·   Loves to be close to nature, likely to prefer playing alone in nature as opposed to with other friends on the playground

·   Constantly talking, laughing or playing with their imaginary friends

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