What Happens When You Eye Gaze With A Stranger: An Eye Opening Experiment

In a time where nationality trumps humanity, we need to remember to take a step back and realize that the borders have been put up by a bunch of land-hungry xenophobes. We’re told to be scared of what we could find on the other side of a figurative line, and in this we completely forget it is one of our brothers or sisters standing there.

Sp, take all the prejudgments away and strip the interaction down to two people sitting across from each other, simply making eye-contact. The beauty and intensity rises as the window of the soul opens up.  By the simple action of looking into a person’s eyes, feelings mingle in midair while not even one word is being said.shutterstock_387682615

Suddenly you realize, you see yourself in the person in front of you. A fellow human being that functions as a mirror.

A connection is made, while you truly get to see the person in front of you. We tend to look around, do multiple things at the same time. But really seeing and taking the world in, is an ability that gets lost in this fast flow we live in nowadays.

How can we expect to accept each other if we don’t even take the time to acknowledge one and other?

Deliberately looking into the eyes of a complete stranger can feel slightly awkward at first. As the participants continued upholding the eye-contact the depth of their connection grew.  Resulting in deep emotional bonds. Seeing there is an entire story waiting to be told behind the look that is given.

shutterstock_262023860Skin color doesn’t matter, nationalities fade away, backgrounds have no meaning. Only the intensity of the action, the connection between the locked eyes, living in that moment and taking it all in.

The emotional results are moving and show that it is possible to create an instant bond with a stranger by just looking in their eyes. This should be done more often, maybe it will result to more empathy to our fellow human brothers and sisters.

Have a look at the video below to see the results yourself.

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