You’ve Seen Their Temple, But Do You Know What They Believe In?

Have you heard of the Baha’i Faith? They are a remarkable new world Faith that emerged out of Shi’a Islam but ultimately holds no resemblance to it whatsoever. They believe in the unification of all of the worlds religions and faiths, and through a practice of education and compassion, unification of the human spirit!

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Baha’is are distinctive in remaining committed to its global mission, especially in the developing world, while affirming radically inclusive values, including the oneness of humanity, universal education, the harmony of religion and science, monogamy, and equality of the sexes.

The movement also exists without a strict hierarchy or priesthood, although it has a rationalized administrative structure and views Baha U llah and his writings as manifestations of divinity.

Today, while not as many people know about or follow this faith, they are most prominently known for their temples, and most people will of course recognize the infamous lotus temple, which resides in New Delhi – India.



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