5 Tip For Raising Star, Crystal or Indigo Children

What does it mean to be a Star, Crystal or Indigo child? Many people see these labels as just that – simply labels that make a group of people feel special. The fundamental differences of a Star, Crystal or Indigo person is their core purpose in life.


Our consciousness exists beyond this physical realm, we’ve all experienced “life” outside of this physical reality.

When our awareness chose to incarnate on this planet, we chose a kind of template of our life. Throughout many life times, we have chosen contrasting experiences to better understand ourselves as an extension of Source or God. In this life, if you have chosen to create a beneficial, radical change through whatever means whether it be art, technology, science, writing – or anything you are passionate about; you are an Star, Crystal or Indigo child.

If you can see the blatant corruption of this world, see what’s really going on, dream of a world of unity, and think it can actually happen – you are an Star, Crystal or Indigo child.

If you think a 9 to 5 job, the design of our society and how things are going on this planet are “good” or “just the way it is”, you don’t fall into the category of Star, Crystal or Indigo people. That doesn’t mean you are less important, unique and beautiful in any way. It means your path is not shifting the state of the world.

That is THE quality all Star, Crystal or Indigo people share – it’s the intense desire for change. 

As a child, almost all of us have this inherent understanding. Over time, we are conditioned and numbed to potential of what humanity could be. If you are a parent with a baby or young child, it is vital you allow them flourish in the way they need to. Children are naturally loving, non-judgemental, and incredibly wise when they are in a nurturing environment. Give you children the water they need for their seeds to grow.


1. Don’t Cut Their Hair

According to North American traditions, hair is an extension of the nervous system, and spiritual journeyers who grow their hair experience an increase in their abilities.

World's Longest Hair (7)1

There are a number of other cultures, faiths and beliefs that also promote growing and hiding of hair, and it has long tradition throughout human culture.

Cutting hair is not like normal for us. Many of us experience haircuts as painfully traumatic and experience deep shock and a sense of loss afterwards. It’s like the intensity of breaking up with a lover kind of loss.

If it is at all within your power, don’t cut your star child’s hair unless they ask for it.

If the child reacts violently or badly to a haircut please know that it is because it is a painful loss and your child is not just being ridiculous.

2. Understand they’re empaths

The thing about being an empath is that you are not only sensitive to your own emotion; you also absorb other people’s emotions. And it happens completely outside of your control at first.

I’m not saying kids don’t overreact or just get moody and temperamental at times, but this is going to be different. The child will often SUDDENLY change moods – at the drop of a hat, often when you enter a specific environment.

A-Wise-Child-Avoids-DangerSo your son or daughter is fine the whole time in the shopping center, and while you’re having coffee, and then someone sits down at the table near you and your angel turns into a monster.

When you absorb emotions, you absorb the intensity, intention and expression of that emotion too, so the negativity in the other person makes your child behave like that. It’s actually a defense mechanism – by letting the emotion out, your child releases it from their system. When you stop them from expressing the emotion, you bottle that energy up inside them. That’s why kids are calmer AFTER an outburst.

The other thing to watch for here is places they really don’t want to go into or people they don’t want to be around. Really check how scared your child is before you force them to stay in a place or with a person.

Many parents underestimate how deeply sensitive these souls are, and they do not understand how much it hurts to feel scared when you’re that sensitive. Your child is acting up for a reason – hear them before you force them please.

3. Believe themBudda-Child

During their childhood, your star child is going to be exposed to layers of spiritual experience that will help them to build their faith.

The most important way you can support this is to believe your child.

When your child says they see something or have experienced something, reserve doubt and allow them to speak – even if you don’t believe them.

If you dismiss what they say they will have to undo that disapproval first, and then learn how to trust themselves and have faith. Your child will NEVER be happy or settled without faith in his or her abilities.

4. Global shifts

Unless you move in spiritual circles, you often don’t think about global energies that could be impacting you. Your child will be very sensitive to these energies.

Tiffany covers the physical, emotional, mental symptoms you can expect with shifts and her reports are very accurate. She draws on a number of great sources.

So you’ll discover that the crazy head itching isn’t lice, it’s their crown chakra opening, or the fever and runny tummy is because there is a solar plexus chakra shift.
In fact, once you start monitoring global shifts, you’ll find that most of what you were worried about was global shifts outside your control. All you usually need to do with global shifts is manage symptoms – and reducing trips to the doctor will save you a packet too.

5. External and remote healing

If your child is at a higher vibration than you, then there is often going to be stuff that you can’t help them with – but you can still help them.

indigochildBodyTalk and Resonance Repatterning offer fantastic remote healing sessions that really work, and do the diagnostic work for you.

So you can establish a relationship with a healer in those modalities, and each time you reach a set of symptoms or issues you send the info to the healer and they do the work distance for you.

If the healer is local, then once the child is old enough they can go for in person sessions with someone who already knows their journey. The value of a healer who knows your journey is beyond worth.

The kinds of issues you can tackle are anything: illness, fever, allergies, clinginess, lack of focus, battling to make friends, battling to accept others, separation anxiety, emotional upsets, shock and trauma – if the healer is good, then it doesn’t matter what the issue is, you can address it in a session.

In fact, you can use healing in exactly the same way when it comes to your life too.


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