5 Curious Encounters with Fairies Throughout The Centuries

When we think of fairies we may think of children’s stories or movies on TV, but the belief in fairies is an ancient tradition that has been nearly forgotten by most folks. Many believers of the fairy world say that they live in a slightly different dimension than we do and that if we want to connect with them, and even see them, then we must come from a heart centered space. Then it is up to the fairy whether or not they’ll make themselves visible to us.

Even though most people have long since written off the possible existence of these tiny nature beings, many fascinating sightings continue to pop up.

1. A Dangerous Curiositylet-the-fairies-say-305x175

In 1853, during the middle of a summer’s day in County Donegal, Ireland, a boy by the name of Neil Colton was gathering berries behind his home with his cousin and brother when they started to hear the music.

They followed the sound around some large rocks where they saw around 6-8 people dancing around in a circle about 100 feet away. Once the dancers noticed the children, a small woman wearing red ran straight toward them.

As Colton described it there was a green rush and the women struck his female cousin on the face. The children became spooked, understandably, and ran for the house. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrived his cousin fell down as if she were dead.

The boy’s father called for the priest who quickly read from psalms and  struck the girl until she woke out of her deathlike state. The priest told the children that if the girl hadn’t grabbed onto Colton’s brother right away after being struck, she would have been taken away by the fairies and lost forever.

2. Lords Of The Dance

In August of 1862 Evan Lewis and David Evans said they were on their way to New Quay when they decided to stop to rest at a farm. While they were watching the reapers working the fields they looked up and saw around 50 figures on the hillside, about 370 meters or1,200 feet away.

9-dancing-fairiesAs both the men noticed the figure, the first of the mysterious people had reached the top of the hill and were starting to dance. Once they all got to the top they continued dancing together in a large circle, making a spiral pattern, getting closer and closer to the center.

Each time one of the figures reached the center of the spiral circle they would vanish into the ground! After all 50 of the figures vanished, one by one they would reappear in the same way. Then they were said to dance their spiral back in until everyone had vanished and this time they did not reappear.

Lewis and Evan told the first person they ran into on the road about the mysterious figures they had seen. One man they spoke with said he wasn’t sure what they were, but he did remember his grandfather talking about how fairies used to dance in the area.

3. The Mail Must Get Through

john poppleton faire

William Martin a folklorist was vacationing in 1887 on the Isle of Man, which is in the Irish Sea, when he ran into a mail-cart driver. The driver told him of a rather strange and annoying experience he’d had back in the summer of 1884.

Having been on his evening rounds collecting mail, he was now headed back to the mail collection center. Only 6 miles from the end of his trip, he ran into a group of fairies carrying lanterns, all dressed in red.

They promptly stopped the mail-cart man’s horse and threw his mailbags out onto the road.

On top of making quite a mess, the fairy folk decided to dance around the bags as well. The stubborn mail-cart driver tried to clean up the mess but every time he would manage to get one of the bags back on the cart the people in red would throw it back out onto the road.

He struggled through the night and the fairy folk didn’t leave him alone until he arrived at his destination the next morning leaving him frustrated.

4. An Actual Twinkly Fairy?

In the American magazine FATE May 1977 issue they did a series of stories of strange events. In one article from Cynthia Montefiore, she described 2 events that happened to her when she was visiting her mother in Somerset, England.

The first event took place in the garden when she was with her mother. She was learning how to take a cutting of a rose when her mother held her finger to her lips, suggesting her daughter stay very quiet.

article-2596119-1CCC53AD00000578-872_634x580 Her mother then pointed out there was a 6 inch (15cm) tall woman with wings like a dragonfly on one of the blooms. Cynthia described the women as being a pale pink color with silvery long hair. The women was holding a tiny wand with a glowing tip and pointing the wand at the center of the flower.

After about 2 minutes the woman began to beat her wings, much like a hummingbird, and then disappeared in front of their eyes. Cynthia and her mother were so excited by the event they didn’t finish the rose cuttings!

At a later time in the same garden, Cynthia was reading a book while sitting under a tree when she saw something move in front of her. When she looked she noticed a “sturdily built” figure run from lawn towards a fir tree. The figure was dressed in a one-piece suit that was brown colored and once it reached the tree it vanished.

This figure was much bigger than the woman from the flower. This being was 18 inches (45cm) tall. Cynthia ran over to the young fir tree but was unable to find anything there at all.

5. A Night To Remember

One summer evening, in 2005, a man who would only refer to himself as J.F. was visiting a group of friends with his girlfriend at a house in Chicora, Pennsylvania. The house they were visiting was in a wooded area and the group had just finished watching the sunset from the back deck.

They continued to sit out and talk late into the evening as it got cooler and darker around them. The deck was lit by just a single light. The group heard a strange noise by a potted plant near the light. Once they turned to look, something shot straight into the air from the pots.

The figure they say was 12 inches (30 cm) tall and appeared almost human. The differences were it had something wrapped around its body and pointy ears. The creature paused for a moment in midair between the people and the light. That is when the figure opened up her wings and revealed herself to have what appeared to be a woman’s body.

J.F. described the woman as having a membrane that stretched from her toes to her fingers much like a bat wing but the shape was much more like a butterfly. The small woman was even described as having a light greenish glow to her.

After hovering in the light for a moment she flew like a butterfly up over the heads of the group on the deck and back into the woods. After seeing the woman, the group could only think to describe her as a ‘fairy’.

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