The Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Flax Seeds Every Day

Flax seeds are nutrition bombs with many health benefits. They are easy to incorporate into your diet.

Flax seeds are packed with Omega-3’s – healthy fatty acids with a plethora of health benefits. Omega-3’s boost your brain functions, your mood [1][2], your heart health, and your joint health. They give you smooth skin and glossy hair, lower blood pressure, and are anti-inflammatory and anti aging [2].

Flax seeds contain high levels of mucilage gum, which keeps food in your stomach longer and helps you absorb more nutrients. This improves digestion.

Flax seeds are rich in fiber, thus they help flush out toxins and clean your colon.

Flax seeds are the richest known source of lignans, a group of chemical compounds found in plant-based foods. Lignans are known to have anti-cancer [3] and anti-inflammatory properties [4], as well as the possible benefit of reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering cholesterol levels [5].

Benefits of flax seeds: Great source of Omega-3 Mood enhancing Great source of fiber Antioxidant rich Healthy heart Lowers blood pressure Healthy joints Healthy digestion Healthy hair Smoother skin Weight control Anti-aging Richest known source of lignans Healthy hormone balance Anti-inflammatory Immune boosting

How to Use Flax Seeds Every Day

Flax seeds can be used in nearly anything you eat. Try these tips:

  • Blend them into your smoothie
  • Sprinkle on a salad
  • Sprinkle onto pasta, wok, or stew
  • Bake into crackers, cookies, muffins, or bread
  • Use as a vegan egg substitute in baking
  • Add to youghurt
  • Add to oatmeal

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