How Your Spiritual Awakening is Helped by This Chemical in Your Brain

Spirituality is the process of unveiling that everything is connected. We have an important partner in this process. Serotonin helps us see more connections.

Reveal The Truth

To unveil the truth we need the ability to learn. We need to be open to new experiences. We need the cognitive flexibility to accept new discoveries of life. And we need the ability to include others in our concept of self – to see that we are all interconnected.

Higher Order Thinking and Serotonin


Discovering Oneness is a learning process. It is a gradual process of finding more and more connections. Ultimately, it culminates in the aha-moment where all the pieces fit together.

Buddha contemplated existence for years before his neural pathways had matured enough to let him see the full picture.

Serotonin is important in higher order brain functions and plays a major role in learning. It helps the process of brain change, called synaptic plasticity. It is also a big player in the creation of new brain cells, called neurogenesis[1]. These are vital functions on the path to enlightenment.

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Openness Personality and Serotonin

The discovery of oneness can be emotionally disturbing. It is far removed from how we usually experience day-to-day life. If we cling to how we believe the world to be, we cannot grasp oneness. If we are caught in the fear of “ego-death” we are stuck. Fear and oneness are mutually exclusive.BrainHarvardMeditation-657x360

Serotonin increases your cognitive flexibility and makes you more open to new experiences [2].

When your serotonin levels are high you feel calm and safe. It makes it easier to let go of your concept of self, and make room for a new self – a concept of self that includes everything.

Seeing Others and High Serotonin

Discovering interconnectedness builds on the foundation of seeing how we are all socially connected. Oneness and love go hand in hand. It is easier to love your neighbour when your serotonin levels are high.

A couple of weeks ago I did nearly all the things that promote serotonin. I ate healthy food that doesn’t affect my stomach. I exercised vigorously almost every day. I bathed in sunlight in excess of 30 minutes a day.


I supplemented with a vitamin b-complex and 500 mg of niacinamide. I meditated regularly. For several days I felt the symptoms of elevated serotonin levels. I felt love and oneness in everything I did.

I took delight in every little word from my girlfriend. I enjoyed her every facial expression. I saw her clearer than ever before. I saw everything in a clearer light. Every moment of the day for several days was intensely pleasant.

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Researchers have identified the areas of the brain with the most serotonin. These areas are involved in social thinking and decision making [3].

Numerous studies have shown that serotonin affects our social behaviors. We are more prosocial and affiliative when our serotonergic system is functioning well [4]. When our serotonergic system is dysfunctional, on the other hand, we tend to be antisocial and aggressive [5].

Serotonin has also been found to directly change moral judgment and behavior [6]. Serotonin makes people more averse to harming others. It especially influences people who are already high in empathy.

Concluding Thoughts on Serotonin

Serotonin is integral in deepening our concept of self. It is no wonder that drugs that mainly work on our serotonergic system, like LSD and MDMA, has gained a strong foothold in spiritual circles.

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