This Incredible 97-Year-Old Yoga Teacher Is Proof You’re Never Too Old For Anything

Yoga truly has no age limits, and 97 year old Tao-Porchon Lynch is the ultimate proof!

Tao was born to an Indian father and French Mother, she grew up in India and started practicing Yoga when she was 8 years old. She now lives in New York, where she wakes up at 5am every morning to teach Yoga to her students of all ages.

“When I was eight, I saw a group of boys performing crazy postures on a beach in India. My aunt told me that being a girl, yoga was not for me. But, I wanted to do it and I said, “If boys can do it, so can I.”

“One hundred year old trees still recycle themselves and come out with new flowers. Recycle yourself. Know that nature gives you the clues to living.”

“Yoga is the joining of our mind, body and spirit. It is like nature, everything is always recycled and brought full circle. I find that I can heal myself if I do what nature does. It’s taken away stress and has helped me through crisis.”

“Pack into your mind and body the sound of the music of your heart. Don’t let it prevent you from wasting time experiencing the wonders of life.” 

“I’m going to teach yoga until I can’t breathe anymore then I’ll just fly away to the next planet…”

All Images Courtesy of Tao Porchon-Lynch

Video: Barcroft TV


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