Nina Kulagina – A Real Psychokinetic Time Has Forgotten About

Nina Kulagina was a Russian woman who seems to have incredible psychokinetic powers. She attracted many researchers, scientists and people in the USSR who conducted various different experiments on her powers.

imgresBorn in 1926, she joined the army at the tender age of 14 and worked in the tank regiment during World War II. She was a housewife by the time her abilities were being studied during the 1960s.

She appeared in multiple black and white films which showed her ability to move different objects on tables without touching them.

Most of these were in controlled conditions under Soviet authorities which caused great excitement among many across the world.

Her story is truly incredible, and came at a cost for her. Many people had attacked her for being a fraud and cheat.

Screenshot_2014-01-11-22-56-15-2In the studies done over her years, she was able to separate eggs whites from the yolks in eggs that had been submerged in water. She was also able to accelerate, slow down and completely stop the beating heart of a frog in a laboratory setting.

These experiments were insured that external electro magnetic impulses did not interfere. In this video, she is seen demonstrating the ability to move a marked match stick from a pile of matches under a glass dome.

The fact that there are glass coverings and different methods to ensure there’s no other external forces, really shows how amazing this is.

Many have speculated against her throughout her life and have gone to great extent to figure out possible ways she could be cheating. Back then, there weren’t resources, advanced technology or any real means to be able to create elaborate tricks.

It is so interesting when you watch her, is clear she is using an immense amount of energy and focus to be able to move these objects just a little bit.

She says that she requires a period of meditation in order to clear her mind before being able to move anything. She also says she experiences sharp pains in her spine and the blurring of her eyes when she focuses that intensely.


This infamous picture of her suspending a ball in the air is one of the most famous. Of course, almost everyone immediately dismisses it as a fake.

And while it could be, is it actually?  All of these pictures were taken long before affordable technology would allow something like this to be captured.

There are a lot of similar cases to this in the world, this is just one of the many people who have this ability, that, we all inherently have. All these people who have these ‘supernatural abilities’ all have something in common:

They meditate a lot. 

One of the main things that holds is back from all being able to display these abilities is the very belief that it is not possible. How are we suppose to experience something we deem utterly impossible?

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