The Purpose Behind “Chemtrails”: Geoengineering Programs Confirmed at UN Climate Change Conference

In the mysterious category of conspiracy theories, we find an array of concepts – anything from the flat Earth to Bigfoot. We are immersed in so many different stories, theories or “facts”, that many people choose to not believe in any of it. A large variety of unique instances are all clumped together and invalided with the title of a “conspiracy theory”.

It’s hard to keep track of what is real and what is illusion in this reality. chemtrails-switzerland1

When does a subject step over that threshold of becoming a widely known as a fact, rather than a theory? When large amounts of people are still relying on the 6 o’clock news, not anytime soon.

This article, like many others out there, is here to take this phenomenon off the shelf of conspiracy. As one of the most controversial “theories” out there, why are we so quick to shut down discussion on this topic?

There is a difference in low flying planes that leave long-lasting trails, eventually dissipating into a haze covering the entire sky. The compounds that make up a substance that’s able to coat an entire sky, is not just water vapor.

The soil in highly sprayed places contain anything from, barium, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel and so much more.

The “official” reason the government funded these projects was  started was for benefit of the agricultural industry. It was to modify weather for crops, but there are so many aspects of it not known to the public. There are consequences for these actions, and this was enough to evoke Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agriculture Defense Coalition. She addressed the United Nations about the phenomenon of chemtrails and weather modification.

According to her, 50 different projects that involve chemtrails are being conducted by private companies and the government in the US alone.

“You are going to start reducing crop production because of the impairment of the process of photosynthesis.” This is only one of the consequences that Mrs. Peterson addressed in this UN meeting.

Talking about forming clouds to create rain in places of major drought does sound quite hopeful.

Unfortunately, there are many facets to this phenomenon and many other projects funded by the government that are not known to the public very purposely. There are clearly ulterior motives that are not in the benefit of humanity. If you are unable to see that, you may need to take a step back to see the bigger picture. There are more pieces than just the idea of “Chemtrails” in this puzzle we’re all trying to put together.

When you take the time to research objectively, and truly not cast your own judgments upon it, you may find your reality will expand vastly.


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