The Illusion of Linear Time: Understanding Time as A Dimension

Time is one of those key spiritual concepts that you realize early on in your journey is important, but it takes time (sic?), repetition and peeling back layers to understand.

So how do you understand time as a dimension – and why is it even important to understand it?


One of the very first lessons you learn about time on your journey is that time is relative – if you’re having a blast, time tends to fly by, and when you’re miserable and don’t want to be somewhere, time can tend to drag.

Eventually this concept of relativity actually becomes a tool that you can play with: you learn to slow down time to get more done or you go into time slips, where time seems to disappear and you just seemed to race forward to a point in time that you want to be at – instant manifestation.

At first these experiences happen quite unconsciously, but after a while you begin to recognize the patterns, and eventually you learn how to trigger and interrupt these patterns.

Why does it matter?

As you play with time and any of the big concepts more and more, eventually you begin to think about them in a different way, seeing them in a whole new light.

This understanding of fundamental concepts contributes to your big picture understanding of the world, helping you to eventually put together the whole big picture of spirituality and how it fits into our lives.

The more you understand how it works, the easier it is to work the system and use it to improve your day-to-day life.

Understanding time as a dimension

In order to understand time as a dimension, you first need to step back and understand what creation looks like outside of time.

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There are two basic parts to creation – God and everything else. Either you are in God and part of God (ascended), or you are in creation outside of God (ego identified and separated). The two are completely mutually exclusive.

When you are in God, everything happens at the level of thought, so it happens instantaneously… you think a thought and it plays out to all its possibilities and resolves in an instant, with all the possibilities, and all the possible resolutions, taking place all at once. That’s why we call it ALL-that-is. It ALL happens at once.

The reason this happens is because of what God is: God is eternal or eternity, which is a not a measure of time but refers to the state of changelessness. Therefore thought that takes place in God is completely unbounded, and can play itself out to all possible resolutions, but cannot manifest into experience because God is changelessness.

When you step into creation, the first thing you do is step into time, because time gives you the space in which to experience segments of the fleeting thought experience as individuated, giving you time to focus on only one aspect of the experience at a time.

Basically it’s the whole wave/particle thing: in God or pure thought, everything is a wave and exists as every single potential or possibility at the same time and you understand it ALL at once. In creation, the object becomes fixed at one point so that you can experience it as individuated and have a fixed point of view (your personal experience).

A simpler way to understand time as a dimension

There is a simpler way to understand time as a dimension though, and that will probably make what I’ve said above make a little more sense if you’re still confused.

To begin with, you have to scrap the ideas you’ve been taught of what 1 dimensional (length), 2 dimensional (length x breadth) and 3 dimensional (length x breadth x height) are. These make sense from a pure numerical matching and parrot learning point of view, but they make you miss the obvious dimension of time.

For starters, the first dimension is the space in which the other dimensions exist. To have a line with length, you first have to have a space where that line can exist and be seen. So 1 dimensional becomes space, while 2 dimensional then becomes space (length). The measure of the length takes place inside the space.

3 dimensional then becomes space (length x breadth) and 4 dimensional becomes space (length x breadth x height).

The reason you don’t see the space of time in the first place is that the space is so glaringly obvious that you overlook it.

Nothing can exist without space for you – it’s like trying to imagine living in a world without air. Like air, space is so intrinsic to your survival that you don’t even see that it is there in the first place.time really is

Spiritually understanding time as a dimension

Now take the picture your mind has formed of the space that is the first dimension and apply this to your understanding of time again, understanding that time is the first dimension of space in our creation and world.

If eternity with God is changeless and this means that the thoughts we extend happen all at once, with all their potentialities and possibilities, then time serves the purpose of separating those events out into distinct, individuated and separated spaces, so that we can experience them one by one.

On a practical level this means that thought will take you ALL the way through a lifetime relationship with someone in an instant, while time gives you the space to experience the lifetime relationship moment-to-moment… a 30-second kiss, a 60-second hug, two hours of fighting, each milestone, and everything else that life entails.

The meaning of life is timeSpace-Time

Time is basically the dimensional space that gives you the opportunity to savor and enjoy what you can otherwise only imagine briefly and fleetingly in the world of God or ALL-that-is.

And that’s the point of creation and meaning of life… we started this whirlwind journey because we wanted to finally have direct experience of the fleeting thoughts we could only imagine as ALL-that-is.

We wanted to know and experience more, so that we could grow and be more in our thoughts and the ideas we shared. Once we’ve completed the cycle of creation and we return with all our experiences, we will be more – and then we’ll probably start the whole cycle again anyway.


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