What Are Your Ancient, Traditional and Modern Birthstones?

Rare and beautiful crystals and gemstones were attributed with magical properties In both India and Babylon, as far back as 300 BC. The early civilizations gem merchants looked to astrologers for advice before purchasing, with the hopes that they could influences the forces that were identified in their favor.

Gemstones has no formal classification, but were assigned to each zodiac sign based on colour. The power of each stone was thought to be unleashed through color.

Both the Babylonian and Indian systems were linked using corresponding gems ruling planets, this was the start of the zodiac system we know and use in today’s world.

Have a look at this chart detailing each zodiac signs ancient, traditional and modern birthstones are.crystals

Not only are Crystals beautiful to look at, but they each have unique  healing attributes as well.

Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars. Ancient birthstones for Aries are bloodstone an amethyst. The traditional birthstone is emerald gemstones and diamond. Modern birthstones are amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, Tourmaline, Emerald, citrine and more.

Taurus, an Earth sign ruled by beautiful Venus. The ancient birthstones for tourists are Emerald as well as the traditional birthstones. Modern birthstones include blue tourmaline, Emerald, quartz, selenite and kyanite.

Gemini, an air sign ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. Ancient birthstones for this sign include agate and sapphire. The traditional birthstone is just agate while the modern birthstones include aquamarine, blue sapphire, citrine, Tigers eye and more.

Cancer, a water sign ruled by the reflective moon. Birthstones for this sign are just Ruby gemstones and traditional birthstones include emeralds. Modern birthstones are calcite, rainbow moonstone, rose quartz and Ruby.


Leo, a fire sign ruled by our very sun. The ancient birthstone for this sign is onyx. The traditional is peridot gemstones and different rubies. The modern birthstones include, amber, golden topaz, ruby, yellow sapphire, emeralds and much more.

Virgo, an Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Ancient birthstones include peridot gemstones and blue sapphire. Traditional birthstones include amazonite, Garnet and zircon gemstones. Modern birthstones are blue sapphire, blue topaz, Garnet, Smithsonite and many many more.

Libra, an air sign ruled by Venus. The ancient birthstone for this sign is sapphire. Traditional birthstone is pink Tourmaline and bloodstone. While modern birthstones include citrine, Morganite, Moon Stone, Sunstone and obsidian.

Scorpio, a water sign ruled by Mars. Ancient birthstones include peridot gemstones, agate and rubies. Traditional ones are turquoise, malachite and Golden topaz. Modern birthstones are also golden yellow topaz, Moonstone, malachite, labradorite and Ruby.

Sagittarius, a Fire sign ruled by jupiter. Hey check birthstones include amethyst, turquoise and blue topaz. Traditional birthstones are lapis lazuli and blue Topaz. Modern birthstones include azurite, obsidian, labradorite, Ruby, white topaz, and many more.


Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn. This signs and him birthstones include peridot gemstones and the gate. Traditional gemstones include  agate, Garnet and vesuvianite. Modern birthstones are azurite, black tourmaline, fluorite, Tigers eye, malachite, jet and many more.

Aquarius, an air sign ruled by Uranus. The ancient and traditional birthstones for the sign are amethyst. Modern birthstones include Amber, Angelite, Lithium quartz, rain forest Jasper, garnet and much more.

And finally, Pisces a water sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces ancient birthstones includes lapis lazuli and turquoise. Their traditional birthstones are aquamarine and turquoise. Modern birthstones include amethyst, bloodstone, fluorite, and blue lace agate.

There are many more on this chart, so check out what stones correspond to your birthday and get some crystals that represent your sign!




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