How To Develop Your Psychic Ability: Clairvoyance – The Sense of “Clear Seeing”

Everyone is born with an inherent inner knowing and extrasensory abilities.

Just like exercising a muscle in your body, you need to exercise your third eye for those senses to really work. When we can understand that everything in this universe is fundamentally made up of the same energy, we can learn to read this by vibrating frequency that makes up all-that-is.

The more we practice reading each other, the stronger our senses get.

We each are born with a prominent sense that comes more naturally to us than the others.

These senses are:

  • Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
  • Clairaudience – Clear Hearing
  • Clairsentience – Clear Feeling
  • Clairalience – Clear Smelling
  • Clairgustance – Clear Tasting
  • Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

For this article, we are going to be focusing on clairvoyance or clear seeing. This ability comes natural to all of us, and we use it more than we realize. We forget that the magic of our imagination is a form of clairvoyance. We are so used to seeing images in our head from our imagination, that the idea of seeing a vision seems either simple or impossible. shutterstock_198915077There is a difference between using your imagination and seeing a clear vision. It is the source of where these images come from that creates the difference between seeing a vision and using your imagination.

When a vision seemingly comes out of no where and seems to come from an external source – that is much more than your imagination.

When you close your eyes, you don’t just see the darkness of your eyelids. There is swirling energy, dancing patterns and colors all colliding. Many people see a type of static that you can see with your eyes open as well. These swirling blobs can eventually become crystal clear visions with practice.

There is a difference between seeing something in your minds eye and seeing it for real. This doesn’t mean what you see in your mind’s eye isn’t real, but it’s more of your imagination than a full on vision. When you see the darkness of your eyelids and a vision appears over that, like a message being received by your brain – that is a vision.

shutterstock_380682448Meditation is the foundation for clearing the mind to easily be able to read visualizations without other thoughts intruding. Start meditating daily with the intent of clearing your third eye vision. You can do this by closing your eyes and looking up towards your third eye as you meditate.

When we remember a memory, we see it in our minds eye, we can experience what it was like to live that memory, but with an untrained mind, that memory is fleeting.

It is like the difference between having a fleeting, fuzzy sort of dream, versus the most vivid lucid dream. A clear lucid dream is like having a clear vision while a fleeting dream is like using our imagination.

A powerful practice to help bring these visions forth is, first, to focus on the darkness of your eyelids while they are closed. Focus on the static and colors, all colliding and dancing around.

These will eventually turn into the outlines of shapes and then full solid shapes the more you practice. The first step is to clear your mind for these shapes to be able to come in and be focused on.

The more you relax and practice this, the more you will start to begin to read the shapes more clearly.

These initial blobs will start to become outlines, and these outlines will become filled-out shapes with a solid form. Once you can see more solid visions, your clairvoyance ability will start to heighten drastically.shutterstock_155349410

The next step in understanding this ability to interpret the visions. Unfortunately, most psychics do not receive direct information through visions.

It is almost always shown through representations, symbols and sometimes through abstract languages. Many clairvoyant psychic’s have their own symbolic language that they use to interpret the information with.

Start noticing what kind of symbols come up when you ask certain questions.

When you ask a certain question like how someone is feeling, instead of seeing a vision of that person, you could see something like a blue sky, a snake, a tear, a flower or anything that your brain is interpreting as an emotion.

Learning how to read these symbols within your visions is crucial to understanding how to actually read people or situations.

Some clairvoyants are practiced enough to see their interpretation of future events. People have been known to see visions of things like a plane before it crashes, or a snake in the grass before it pops out.

The more you understand and practice with your own symbology, the more you can read the language of your mind.

shutterstock_27105130If you see continually see symbols that you can’t figure out the meaning of, pay attention to the questions or intent you had when they appear.

If you keep asking a question and getting the same symbol, it is up to you to figure out how it relates, for it is your brain producing the images.

With more practice, your visions can go from being like a fleeting dream to a lucid experience in no time.

The more dedicated you are to understanding the language of your mind, the quicker you will be able to receive more direct information.

When this information is used to the benevolence of you and humanity itself, then you really become a true healer.

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