Cancer: The Sign of The Sensitive Soul

The elusive crab. 

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac. Tucked in right beside Gemini and Leo, this sign is represented by the image of a crab. This symbol is based on the crab Karkinos, a giant crab that harassed Hercules as he fought with the hydra.

cancerA water sign ruled by the Moon, this combination makes for an incredibly reflective, emotional and deep person.

Many Cancer’s are said to be contradictive, they don’t fit into just one category and can be difficult to explain simply. They are known to be moody, and as they are ruled by the mysterious moon, how could they not be?!

A true ‘Moon child‘, Cancer’s are usually eccentric and enjoy feeling and looking different than others. They are sensitive, and as a water sign, they can be emotionally explosive at times.

Some of the troubles Cancer’s face are their contradicting wants in life. Many Cancer’s crave adventure and bewilderment, but are also anxious to go out and actually have those experiences. 

Like a crab, Cancer’s can easily come out of their shell, but are easy to crawl right back in. The environment and the people around them need to make this sign feel comfortable if you want them to completely come out of their shell.

bluecornmoonWhen they do, they are dynamic, intriguing and intricate people. Connected deeply to the ever shifting moon, Cancer’s are known to switch quickly between emotions.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, be sensitive to their sudden shifts in energy.

Many Cancer’s cannot describe why they feel a certain way one minute, then the next it’s completely changed – they just do. 

They are extremely caring and can make good parents when they feel stable in life. Cancer’s want to be wanted in life. They want to be desired and be of use to people.

It can take a while for a Cancer to build up trust with you, but when they open up they are very emotionally available, but that is usually something you have to work up to. They can come off defensive, protective and concealed, but this always depends on the person themselves. heart-light-1

When the moon is in Cancer, that’s when they can become extra sensitive, but also extra loving.

Pay special attention to the Cancer’s in your life.

They can shift rapidly between how they feel, but when you can keep up with them; they will take you on the ride of your life.

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