5 Truths About Life All Young People Should Know

Our world has everyone moving so fast, sometimes we forget to take a moment and actually enjoy this life. If you’re young, both mentally or physically, then this list is for you! Age doesn’t matter, it’s simply a matter of your mindset. 

1. Everything is Temporary1384176293_the illustion of time

Everything in this world is only temporary. That stressful situation, that test you need to take, job interview, lonely feeling or anxious swirl is only there for a short moment in the grand scheme of things.

When we’re older, we look back at our lives and all the events are compressed into a single memory. Which ones stick out? Is it the upsetting, stressful times? Or do the light, happy times come to rise and remind us how amazing our life really is. When we are in the moment of a negative situation, it feels like that’s all there is; there’s nothing outside of that feeling.

Try to remember there is infinitely more than just that moment and just that feeling. When you see it in retrospect, you’ll wish your awareness extended beyond your emotions in that moment.

2. There is More to Life Than The 3D

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image18535008Not only is life temporary, it’s only a tiny silver of reality that we can experience. If you think this 3D plane is all there is in the entire universe, well, you’ve got some research to do.

In moments of loneliness, stress or overwhelm, try to remember there is so much more out there, we can’t even comprehend it!

When you feel alone, remember there are an infinite number of species, beings and consciousnesses out there; and some are specifically watching over you! You are always intimately connected to everything through the energetic patterns that make up the fabric of consciousness!

Know you are never alone, and when you feel like you are, reach out to those around you and remind yourself you are loved. If no one is near by, go into a deep meditation and you will see how interconnected we truly are.

3. Your Emotions Don’t Always Dictate Reality

This one might be difficult for some to grasp. Your emotions do not


always dictate reality, they reflect it. When your emotions ARE dictating reality, then you are creating it.

If you feel a certain way about something, like uncomfortable in a situation, that feeling can push you to walk away, and thus has created your reality.

We get into trouble sometimes when we convince ourselves something is definitely a certain way, and then act on that feeling. Sometimes, we can’t be sure of something then blindly act off those feelings. It takes investigation, understanding and learning to fully be able to react to this reality in the most effective way.

Take the time to slow down and really understand the depths of a situation before you act on it.

4. Be kind To Your Body

Many young people can be quite rough on their body because they are still durable. As time goes on, our bodies will start to get worn out and you’ll wish you took better care of it when you could. Your body is a sacred temple, a vessel for you to explore this reality. Treat it with respect, listen to it and do what you need to do to keep it healthy.http://www.dreamstime.com/-image13888257

If you are smoking a lot (of anything) consider taking a break to clear your lungs. If you’ve been eating poorly, take some time to replenish your body with healthy food. If you’ve been thinking badly about yourself; shift that entire mindset!

Tell yourself you are amazing, simply because you’ve come down to this planet to exist for a very specific reason; and that my friend, is amazing in itself.

5. The Best Gift You Can Give Someone is Your Presence

Sunset-time-happy-couple-love-imageYou don’t need an expensive gift to show someone you care. Simply being there, fully, completely present and listening intently is an amazing gift you can give someone.

When your friend or family knows you are there for them because you want to be, and your actions match your words truthfully, you are in an incredibly powerful position.

Remember that you are a powerful creator, even if you have forgotten. Be there for someone just like you’d like them to be there for you. Your very presence is so powerful, it can shift the entire vibe of a room if you let it.

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