The Mystery of The Feline: The Healing Vibrations of Cat’s Purrs

Cats are truly magical creatures. They were highly regarded in ancient Egypt, and for good reason! The mystery of the cats purr has long been studied, and so far, we still don’t completely understand why cats purr!

When cats purr, they do it during both inhales and exhales by “intermittent contracting of their laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles.”shutterstock_186486359

But the actual reason behind why is still a mystery.

Cat’s obviously purr when they are happy, calm and being petted but also when they are stressed or scared.

What’s interesting is fact that they literally emit a vibration when they feel a certain way and the type of vibration corresponds to the emotion of the animal.

It’s said that cats purr typically range from 25 to 150 Hertz and this can actually help in their healing process. Because many cats don’t spend all day constantly moving, the vibrations from purring can help make their bones more dense.

shutterstock_372309667So what is so special about cats purring? Why do we want to cuddle a purring kitten when we’re sad or need comforting?

It might be similar to a ‘rocking’ feeling that comforts babies. It’s that grounding feeling that brings us down back to Earth and reminds us of the physical.

There is also the possibility that cats purr to get what they want. Similar to when a person cries or does something to get what they want, cats will emit vibrations to try to get you to feed them.

It is a way for cats to express anything from gratitude to annoyance and the intent behind it is what matters! When are a snuggling with a happy animal who is literally emitting a positive vibration, we can use that energy to enhance how we’re feeling.

shutterstock_71376364If we can relax enough with our cat, it is possible to actually heal wounds and ailments with the vibration.

One of the first steps to manifesting that is to actually believe it’s possible, and understand the science behind how everything is actually made of energy.

If everything is fundamentally energy then when cats emit a purring vibration, that energy can directly effect us.

Take time with your animal to connect and see how it can truly lift your mood!

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