Daily Divination 4/26/16 ~ Watch Your Resources

Today’s reading, while maybe intimidating, conveys the wisdom of the many generations that have faced famine and hardship. Those that live by this wisdom thrive in the face of difficulty. The lesson: Be a careful steward over your resources.

rune 42616 doneNauthiz is the rune of famine. It represents scarcity in all things, and it signals the onset of lean times. When you pull this rune, your first thought will probably be negative. We crave abundance and we hope to avoid times of famine, but if you take another moment to think about that you will realize that you can provide plenty by applying discipline in times of both famine and prosperity. Being responsible with your resources might mean saving money when there is extra. Maintaining a rainy day fund and knowing that your wealth is increasing provides a great sense of security and provides practical protection against famine.

Algiz reversed can also be a warning. In its upright stance it is the rune of protection. It protects us from attacks of all kinds and its energy can provide a safe space for you to live and grow. Its reverse shows the lowering of these protective barriers, which can mean being at risk of attack but can also mean increasing personal freedom. To grow fully, we must constantly push against the boundaries of our comfort zone. When we publish creative works we open ourselves to criticism from the outside world. This can be very uncomfortable but it is necessary to be challenged to build confidence.

Taken together we have two distinct meanings. One is to take stewardship of your resources and take care to maintain your reserves. This can apply to your health as well as your wealth, and advises us to apply discipline to our consumption in every way. Sometimes we find ourselves in immediate abundance. An unexpected check or an inheritance might feel like a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket but it is important to apply this wealth to your budget in a way that contributes to your long-term prosperity. This reading might also suggest being on the lookout for new sources of wealth or fulfillment. It reminds us that to pursue new opportunities often means leaving one’s comfort zone and acting on faith. Do not be afraid if this applies to your situation. New ventures can be daunting and full of risk, but ultimately must be pursued if we are to succeed.

Alistair & Forest

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