10 Things You Need to Know When In a Relationship With a Taurus

Taurus men and women are some of the most concise, strong, sharp, and determined people you will ever meet.

They seem docile for the most part, but get on the wrong side of them and you’d better watch out! You might as well be waving a red flag because their eyes are set on you and there’s nowhere to run….

10. They value stabilityHappy Romantic Couple Enjoying Beautiful Sunset at the Beach

Taurians prefer the day-to-day routine and never shy away from building upon their efforts.

They are more adept to change than the other signs, as they recognize that it is only through change that real stability can be found and utilized.

9. They are deep thinkers

Taurians minds are always working. They have the natural ability to see the bigger picture and are great at utilizing the skill sets of others to make the pieces fit together. The natural leader, Taurians make excellent managers, politicians, and public figures.

8. They crave physical affection

Father and Daughter Playing Together at the Beach at SunsetFewer words, more action! is the slogan for those born under this sign.

Rather than telling you how much they love you, they prefer to show their affection with tender, soft, sweet hugs and kisses.

They will never tell you what you want to hear, just because you want to hear it and if they do you’ll be able to see right through it, as their thoughts and feelings breathe from their sensual touch.

7. They will never back down

Taurians aren’t afraid to speak their mind and they don’t often shy away from confrontation. If there is an elephant in the room, leave it to the bull to call it out for what it is and bring it to “a head”.

6. They aren’t afraid of making bold moves

A gambler at heart, the Taurian knows that in order to get what they want out of life it takes going all in — no holding back.

To others it may seem like lunacy, but a Taurian knows that no matter how many times they fail, in business and in love, they only have to get it right…. just once.

5. They are stubborn!

If you thought you were stubborn, you are no match for the bull. Once their eyes are set on something, pulling them away would be exactly like trying to steer a bull by the horns with your bare hands. It’s just not going to happen.wereawakenowwhatfeature

This can be their greatest weakness, and their greatest strength, for they will never back down when it comes to what is right, what is moral and what they desire, but they may also get the wool pulled right over their eyes leaving them furious when they are (not often) duped.

4. They are great for advice

The confidence of the bull puts them in a prime position for helping others through difficult times or unsure decisions. For Taurians, giving advice comes natural and they are more often than not– dead on the money.

3. They always have a plan

The mastermind of the zodiac, Taurians know that in order to get what they want, it is going to take some deliberate planning. They are natural at planting seeds of thought in people’s minds and are always two steps ahead. They make excellent chess players, but be careful, they’ve studied the art of manipulation and received an A+.

2. They are temperamental.

spiritually-transmitted-716x430“You can’t fix stupid” might as well be the catch phrase Taurians use.

They have little patience for ignorant people and they just can’t deal with those who can’t look past their own behaviour to see their pitfalls. They pride themselves on their own intellectual achievements and have a slight tendency to look down upon others who don’t match their level.

1. They are reliable

If a Taurian says they’ll do something, they’ll do it, no matter what the cost. Taurians are true to their word and value it highly. They are punctual, and rarely even take a sick day. They always look out for others and will never turn their backs on their friends.

by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!

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