The Emotional Control Switch: Why Nothing You Do to Feel Better Ever Works

It is time to become aware of this emotional control switch when it goes off within us. The time has come to recognize ourselves resisting our own emotion the moment it arises.

This affect is the beginning of a downward spiral. Our emotions will work like a chain reaction where we struggle against them and end up being rolled over.

If we are in a situation where we feel like nothing ever works and like we will never feel better no matter how hard we try, it is because we are approaching our life from that very angle… that we must feel better because negative emotion is not ok. Anxiety is not ok, anger is not ok, sadness is not ok, grief is not ok. The way we feel is bad and so it has to change.

“It is normal to want to feel good. The basic survival instinct is to shy away from pain and go towards pleasure. This is not in and of itself a problem. Suffering is caused when instead of going towards pleasure, we resist the pain. And this, is what we have done with emotion”

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