3 Absoutely Stunning Easter Egg Designs You Can Do At Home

It’s that time of year again! Wether or not you celebrate Easter religiously, this is a time for family to come together and remember everything we have to be thankful for.

It’s a time of celebration, of the rebirth of spring and life from the Earth. Recently, I had seen so many amazing egg dying tricks I just had to share a few. Many traditions of Easter date back to the 13th century and are linked back to the pagan tradition. The symbol of the eggs come from the idea of fertility and new life.

As spring rolls around, the nature of beauty of the Earth is coming back to greet us all! So it’s time to celebrate life through designing some unique patterns on your very own eggs – a representation of you bringing your own energy to this world. Like drawing on a blank canvas, you’re creating the story through images!

Anything from galaxy eggs to incredibly intricate designs that we can all create, they just take time – they are all so beautiful and fun to do. Here are a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy!

Galaxy Eggs

Using just different paints and some sparkles, you can take your eggs to a different dimension. It’s super easy to make these and no artistic skill is needed, galaxies aren’t meant to be perfect!

Marble Swirl Eggs

Using nail polish and swirling it around to create amazing layered looking designs – this one is really special and incredibly easy.

Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs

Alright these aren’t for the faint hearted. These are for the people who go all out on Easter. This tutorial is quite long, there are much shorter ones out there. But this is a great resource to see how these intricate designs are done in detail.

These eggs are seriously mind blowing. They are so detailed, so carefully, they are truly a work of art. Keep these around for as long as you can if you’re going to make something THIS beautiful!

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