In Response to the Facebook Hacking

Wow. What a day yesterday was.

From approximately 8am till about 4pm the Spirit Science Facebook page was used as a weapon to post mindless garbage to everyone… Nonstop, relentlessly, every minute. This is the 3rd time this has happened.

Every time it happens I feel as though the pain and turmoil of everyone affected flows through me with a raw vengeance. My entire energy goes south, I feel the pain and sorrow of people caused when people see Spirit Science posting porn, garbage, or otherwise the most insulting content imaginable for a whole day…

It’s like, imagine that you have a child (whether you do or don’t) and you are forced to watch it be tortured for hours and hours, without ANYTHING you can do to stop it, but pray and hope that some other authorities can come in and help you get your child back before its been entirely dismantled.

That was my day yesterday.

It was rough.

From my observation of the experience, there are 5 kinds of people out there who participated in the whole affair.

crowdofpeepsThe first 2 are the ones who participated only through observation. They saw it happening, but didn’t comment. The first kind just straight up didn’t care or notice whatsoever. The second noticed, understood what was happening, maybe sent a prayer towards it “I hope it gets resolved soon”, and moved on with their day.

The third were the people who genuinely thought it was Spirit Science posting garbage, didn’t notice it was garbage, and earnestly joined in to support the garbage posts with comments like “Yeah!! I love watching diseased ugly humans and ridiculing them for their tragedies!” 

I got a little mad at these people.

The fourth were those who genuinely thought it was Spirit Science posting garbage, and blamed us for turning to the dark side. There were SO MANY nasty comments from people who would claim they were good of heart, insulting me and the entire creation of Spirit Science because we’ve thrown in the towel and just decided to destroy everything we have worked so hard to create by posting trash…

I also got mad at these people. For all of the claims that they were so spiritually aware, they couldn’t figure out that there was any sort of hackery afoot.

And finally, the fifth group… were the ones who gave me hope.

These were the ones who saw what was happening, and then went out of their way to say “hey everyone, they’ve obviously been hacked!”

These people were very quickly silenced by the temporary evil overlord Admin of the Spirit Science Facebook, who would go out of their way to ban and punish anyone who spoke out against him.

It was quite a sight to behold.

All of our accounts were banned as well, in our attempts to communicate on the page that indeed, we had been hacked.

Now, there was also a 6th group, that has gone unmentioned, and a 7th, for that matter.

The 6th were my close friends who also run various facebook pages. Sam from Higher Perspective, Kasim from Educate Inspire Change, Sam from Sungazing, Sean from Expanded Consciousness, and Chris from Sustainable Human, also, my friends Tyler, Dan, and Mitame, and of course, Ray and Lexie.  They worked very hard and diligently in everything from hunting down the source of the hack to communicating with Facebook people they knew to try and get the page back quicker. It is because of them that the hack is not continuing right now, as you read this.

And finally, the 7th, were those people at Facebook… whoever, or wherever they are. I have no idea, but they helped solve the problem, and I am so grateful for it. Without them, well, I guess there’d be no Facebook to be hacked… but It would also have been a disaster had they not worked so hard on it. So thank you – to everyone who had a part in returning Spirit Science to its former and future state… Thank you.

There is no way that I can truly show my gratitude other than to strive to do great things with this page, and Spirit Science as a whole. And I will. I promise.

~ ~ ~

And so, moving forward… I would like to take a moment to announce a new, vortex based Schedule for Facebook that will be the basis of our digital operations for the coming cycles.

Facebook Schedule New

It looks like this, and if you’d like to read more about it, you can read all about it right here.

With love,
Jordan Duchnycz Pearce


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