5 Ways To Know if Your Relationship Is Truly Destiny

What are five signs that you can look for that will let you know you you’ve met your twin flame or soulmate, and that the relationship in front of you is of importance in your life, as in karmic or destined to happen?

1. You both feel an intense connection


From the day that you met, you’ve felt a strong connection to this person – and they to you.

Whether your twin flame relationship is platonic, familial or romantic, there’s a connection that far surpasses the bond in your other relationships.

You both mutually care about each other, and deeply and obviously so.

2. You stay close to each others’ lives

Some people come into our lives for a lifetime, some for a season, some for a day.Love

For the most part, we allow the majority of them to come and go without any notice, but this relationship is different. In this bond you feel attached to each other, often quite sudden and inexplicably.

You stay near to each other, communicating and interacting regularly, and visiting and spending time together whenever possible. This relationship is very quickly elevated to the point of being a top, if not the most important, relationship in your life.

3. You don’t have enough history to explain your attachment

If you’ve been in a long-term committed bond you’ll know that history really does add enormous value and worth to a relationship, and that shared experience often explains the connection and attachment we feel towards the other party.

In a twin flame, soulmate or karmic bond however, you’ll have this level of connection, but without the past history, memories and shared experiences that validate a bond of that intensity.

While the bond draws you closer, the lack of experience and history drives you apart because you fill in the blanks by assuming that your new partner is operating from the same level as you.

This is one of the key aspects that drive young twin flame bonds into the ground. The lack of history can also serve to make one of the partners feel suffocated or clingy and possessive – another common young twin flame experience.

4. Issues seem much bigger than they should be

If you’ve been in a relationship for any duration you’ll know that issues escalate over time, for the most part.

At first you can forgive and move past something, but by the second, third, fifth, twentieth time something has happened you lose the plot and the kid gloves come off. Don’t be surprised if you see this happening quickly in your twin flame or soulmate bond too.

So, the reason you’re blowing up and feeling like this has been happening to you all your life – even though you only met last week or last month – is because it did happen to you all your life, just not the life you’re living right now.

Even though you don’t consciously remember the events from past lives that have played out between you, you still carry the energy of that within your system.

The biggest reason you feel it is because energy is emotion.

Until you learn to distinguish between the different flows you will experience any energy movements in your body as emotion, because that is how the mechanism has been set up in nature.

5. You have unresolved emotions you can’t explain

Speaking of intense emotions, these can spring up on you unawares too – again a result of the lingering energy of memories that have brought you together karmically in this time.

So you may feel overwhelming love, or emotions that you’ve never felt before, like jealousy, possessiveness, envy, fear that your partner is cheating.

Long and short of it – if you’ve never had the emotion before and it’s not normal to you, or it’s grown to intense and overwhelming proportions immediately, then it’s most likely an energy triggered by the karma playing out in the situation.


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