13 Laws Of Life You Couldn’t Survive Without

There are common ‘rules’ found in every society. Across the board of humanity, there are the same avenues that will help a person be the best human they can. A group of fantastic humans makes for a fantastic community. Starting with your self, examine these rules and see how you compare. I bet your doing better than you originally gave yourself credit for.

Love Is The Ruling Aspect In All Things

Love is the most powerful force we know of. It heals, protects, encourages, strengthens, and broadens our perspectives. These are even only the tip of the iceberg. To encourage it in our daily lives and the lives of anyone we can guarantees a more productive and fulfilling future. It also aids us in reconciling the past.

Pay Attention To Your Perspective, It’s Your Reality After All

Perspective is reality. The way we see the universe is the way life is. Thankfully we can change the way we see things, with a little effort.The day we take our perspective as unchangeable, is the day we stop progressing and get caught in cycles of suffering and fulfillment.

Be Free

How else would you want to live? In chains? No one wants this but it happens all the time. For others to control us, we must first give them the permission to do so. Resend that right to anyone or anything that has it. Take back your life, even from you. You are already and naturally living life, there is no need to control it.

Life Is An Inspiration

To forget the inherant beauty and unique aspects of life is a sad occurance. Everything should be consistently seen as the miracle it is.

Mind Your True Feelings

Listen to your gut and let your intuition guide your steps. Even if it seems to conflict with the people you love and the institutions you support. In the end it is better to always have the option to happily place your full weight and faith behind what you desire.

Do Not Dispense Blame

The foolish man asks, ‘why is this happening to me? Woe is me, WHY ME?’ The wise man says. ‘that was unfortunate… How can I heal and help others that are going through the same thing?’ In the interest of moving forward, being productive and selfless, the why of a situation isn’t the most important part of life. Blame is a child of ego and ego’s ultimately destroy happiness.

Stand True To Your Ideals

If you are living your life true to what you know is right, it is important to stay on that path. Do not deviate for convenience. Stand with your ideals and they will protect you from any storm.

Be Of Service

The more you can destabilize your sense and entitlement of self, the better off you will be. A great way to let go is to help others and your community. You already exist as you, what are you going to do with that gift?

Be The True You

Others will try and mold you into something that will better suit their purposes or be their version of happy. The only person who can truly know what makes you happy is you. The only person that knows how you can be of the most help to society and the ones you love is you. Always have faith in this fact and you won’t feel the need to be someone else.

NOTHING Is Impossible

Everything was once thought of as impossible, until it wasn’t. To move forward with a bold stride is to know that everything is possible. You are capable of completing any difficult task with the right tools and support.

Learn EVERY Day

We learn something new everyday, naturally. To actively try to learn means you are maximizing the information collected in your life. In a land where knowledge is king, there is no reason you can’t be a monarch in your own rite.

You Are A Powerful Being

This a sharp double bladed sword. With this possibility you can carve away at the mysteries that be and find hidden treasures. This reasoning can also stop you from ever leaving the cave, forever confused by the essence of shadows.

Think Critically And Different Than Others

Do not try to fit the mold. There is no mold to begin with so what exactly are you trying to be when you attempt to be ‘like everyone else’. There is no definition of everyone else or the ‘average person’. When I try to think of one though, phrases like: fear driven, unfulfilled, and close minded come to mind. Did you not just read this list? You are you, and that makes you distinct and powerful. The person who is themselves never needs for company.


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