2 Reasons You Should Start Meditating Today

Humans are easily broken down into three general categories: mind, spirit, and body. When I say the mind, I am referring to not only the tool that is your brain, but your personality as well. The spirit, in the context of this article, is kin to your soul. In essence, that intangible, unique, common, and interconnecting aspect of humanity. The body is the standard reference to that meat sock you use to roam the scape of the Earth. Meditation is an ancient practice that has helped countless people (including yours truly) with any number of ailments, from various denominations and sects.

The two reasons you should mediate, aren’t the cosmic, golden keys some people may have been expecting and hoping for. No, the two perfect reasons you should start your practice today are far more tangible. You should do it because you deserve to experience life in the most loving, fun and productive manner. The second reason is because the world is in social and spiritual pain. It is up to us to heal ourselves and others.

Because You Deserve It!

Meditation will help you maximize every part of your experience as a person. Restoring your physical health, healing your mind, growing your awareness of all your senses, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And my friend, this iceberg makes the word colossal, extend no further than its own eight letters. You won’t even have to wait for shipping and handling! The effects of meditation are immediate.

As mentioned earlier, there are three components to a person’s make up. Meditation not only helps improve the states of all three but increases the ‘communication’ between the three.  For example, the relationship of your stomach in relation to your emotions will be more readily understood. Often the needs of aspects of our person aren’t actively, or clearly communicating what is needed or the communication method is being misread.

Providing sufficient ‘space’ for all the amazing parts of your sum, is only one of the winnings elements of meditation. I was diagnosed Bi Polar type II and my hunt for a winning combination of drugs was reaching terrible heights. Through meditation and genuine conversations I was able to come off all my medications. I still have ruff spots, but they are manageable. The biggest way meditation helped me was helping me realize how destructive my mania was. While manic or depressed my stomach was never properly communicating with my head, my heart was being ignored by my brain, or my heart would simply flip out. I mistook these flip outs as I was in love, or sad or any number of intense emotions. Meditation clears away the mis communications on a cellular level, providing the three main elements of ‘you’ to seek out and combine efforts to unlock better living.

It Is Every Individual’s Responsibility To Help The World, Starting With Yourself And Your Neighbor

We are the equivalents of cells in an organ. Same as on the micro level we have three main components, our community has the same. Earth is our body. Government, the Internet, communities at large, and society are the mind. The spirit or soul is exactly the same on this scale as the individual. Not only does each element need help but there must be room for the components to ‘speak’ to each other to achieve any goal. The planet (body) is sickened with toxins, drilling and a complete lack of respect for other life. The governments are constantly fight with one another, and when they aren’t at each other’s necks, there are skirmish wars between the governments and the people (who just want to be heard and keep of get basic rights). While many people have found a form of religion or a lack of organized religion or a form of spirituality that helps them be happy. This happiness seems to come at the cost of hate for other sects and groups. All around the world there are core problems with each component but through poor communication, we are no more productive than a dog chasing his tail.

Meditation will help you, as a person, become the best human you could have hoped for. As your presence is healed and made strong, so to will the elements in life you interact with and are simply around. Your empathy will rise and you communication skills will make the pro’s ask you for tips. As you are a necessary and integral part of the whole your health is everyone’s health and vice versa. Through meditation you will find it ripples through communities, no matter the religious faith. As more people are able to realize and ‘hear’ varying messages between their components, the complexities of the macro version will start to reveal their parallels to each person’s unique components. With all these people growing together as a whole, through individual means, answers will start to come.

In the end you need to save yourself, to save your community. You need to recognize the strength in yourself to point it out in others. Only together do we have a chance to better ourselves sustainable manner. And a ‘fight’ among your brothers and sisters, for your brothers and sisters, is always worth the effort.

If you’re ready to start meditating, try this stellar guided meditation.

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