9 Guiding Intentions That Transform Your Personal Growth

Intention is the safest and most productive way to enjoy your present and plant seeds for a pleasant tomorrow. Not as rigid as expectations and lacking the seeds of disappointment, intentions help keep your goals and priorities in the fore front of your mind. Intentions keep focus on actions not the ideal that powers it. It helps to curb your more unproductive patterns and make space for growth. Here are nine basic intentions that will help you live more freely, love more willingly and be the most productive version of yourself.

Seek YOUR Truth

There are hints alluding to the truths behind the universe in all things. The key is to not only seek out all avenues of learning available to you, but understand what you learn as it is applicable to you. Intelligence does not become wisdom until applied successfully to real life situations.

Believe Anything Is Possible

Things are thought of as ‘impossible’ until they they are re-examined as a difficult possibility. Once that transfer of ‘impossible’ to ‘difficult’ occurs, the situation takes on a snowball effect. The idea gathers more information and intent till the goal is achieved. After it is achieved once, it is bound to repeat itself until it enters a more common category. That initial leap of faith is all it requires.

Examine what you believe is impossible. Mentally put it down, back away and examine it from all angles. Share it with your friends. Remove that terrible label, ‘impossible’. If it something you desire, that means you imagined it. Because a human thought of it, and existing in the infinite universe, any of our dreams and ideas can be realized.

Give Service To Others

Your life should never be ‘all about you’. That mentality will inevitably leave you unfulfilled and lonely. You don’t need to bend over backwards for everyone around you every day. Set time aside whenever you can to help your community or a person you know. You don’t need to solve the worlds problems, but helping someone across the street or returning someone’s lost dog will create a lot of positive energies.  There is also no need to be discerning in your aid. EVERYONE would appreciate some help every so often, and EVERYONE deserves it.

Express Your Light

We are all in this together. I know this is easy to forget with the wide variety of paths that people choose to take. Expressing your true self, love and inner strength at all times, provides a great example to others. It will have a personal and profound effect on everyone.

Everything Is Exactly Where It Needs To Be

In the chaos around us it’s easy to try and ‘fix’ people and situations around us. Realize that we are all connected and entangled, so what may appear to you as disorder, to another it is an expression and example of growth. Inherent in the desire to ‘fix’ or ‘make right’ aspects of life is judegement. Think back to a time you were unfairly judged. The person or institution passing judgement on you was approaching your situation with a completely different set of intentions and resources. What you are trying to do is the same, regardless of way brilliant your intentions are. Make your self of service if asked but don’t go around assuming you know better than others.

See the Creative Source In All Things

This intention follows the belief in a higher power. You don’t need to attribute a name or face to it (some have chosen God, Allah or Yahweh for example). Mine personally is the combined mindfulness that exudes from all life. I see myself in others, my mother in me, my future children in my friends. Find that common link to life and it will ease your ability to love and readily express it.

Follow And Develop Your Passions

If you don’t have a labor of love in your life, your immediate goal is to find one! If we work only to survive, it changes the way we view our strengths, weaknesses, and character. It makes us view them in a pale, unfulfilled light. If, however, we apply ourselves to a goal or concept that we genuinely care about it will color our life with more love, energy and possibility.

Love Yourself

This one seems obvious but it can slip away with our noticing very easily. We use negative reinforcement to motivate us in more ways than I care to think about. An example I normally think of is we don’t care for our bodies so we work out. Watch out for these negative thoughts that we use to productive ends. Take the time to thank your body for being so great and versatile. Take the time to realize you are fine the way you are. If you see a ‘flaw’, change the wording so it becomes a part of your beautiful character. This doesn’t mean that you can’t work towards a more productive and happy you.

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