15 Universal Truths You Can Only Learn From Traveling The World

Travel is an eye opening, perspective shattering and rewarding endeavor. It helps you prioritize your life, really figure out what is important to you.

Being away from your support group, and resources makes you really dig deep internally. You will realize facts about yourself you never thought possible and builds skills you never thought necessary. Luck for those who can’t travel, we have compiled a list of lessons learned on our roads.shutterstock_166193831

1. Live for the moment not the dollar. You will remember and cherish the connections and events in your life not how much you saved or spent.

2. Kindness is a universal language. No matter where you are or who you are with kindness is appreciated. It is one of the universal ways to make a human connection.

3. Negotiation, business transactions and any kind of interpersonal relationship should be treated as a mutually beneficial experience. Don’t cheat others and they will sense your sincerity. This doesn’t mean abandon your common sense.

4. When you are frightened, the best course of action is to acknowledge. the fear and its source. Then jump into action, you know what you have to do, do it.

5. The purpose of live is to experience the variety of the world and learn to appreciate it’s nuances.

6. Expectations will always detract from the potential of your future. Disappointments aside, you are always walking into new and unknown situations. Don’t limit your potentially infinite possibilities.


7. Everyone gets a little warped in their journey on life. But at the end of the day they’re naturally good. Give people to room to express themselves and you will be able to see their natural goodness.

8. Life IS about the journey. The goal or view at the end is but one moment, your journey will be made of many. Make sure you savor the journey my friend.

9. Silence is a sound, let go of your urge to fill the silence with thoughts and emotions. Simply be, your thoughts and emotions are inherent to the silence.

10. Celebrate as often as you can! Life is full of treasures to be enjoyed and shared. Acknowledge them, and share them with others, this will not only lead to great experiences but grow your appreciation.

nature511. You can not go through life never listening and trying to understand what you hear. You will push people away, miss out on opportunities and miss out on so many growth options.

12. Trust your gut and intuitions. They include your brightest idea and so much more.

13. Non verbal communication is so much more important than what a person says. They show hidden emotions and intentions.

14. Don’t worry about anything. This is a severe waste of resources. Acknowledge the danger, or problem. Work towards a goal. Worrying accomplishes nothing and makes us stressed out.

15. Pain is a necessary part of life. It imparts the severity of the lessons we must learn. We should never shy away from or specifically seek pain.

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