8 Spirit Crushing Things Confident People Don’t Do

I wanted to make a list of traits for confident people. I see the general feeling boost getting pushed in with other personality aspects. Most of these are fairly negative. There is nothing inherently negative about confidence. Some people use negative means to bring about other feeling boosts, that can mirror confidence. Or put insane canotations on the meaning of confidence and use it as tool for their crazy plots.

Confidence is the feeling you get when you can recognize an element of truth with in yourself or the world around you, and use it to a specific goal. that uplifting feeling of accomplishment and self assuredness. If you can see what a great, capable and intelligent person you are and not feel any confidence, I’d suggest you use the list below to fake it till you make it.

Lie Themselves

A person who lies to themselves can never see the truth. They craft information in a way that looks identical to truth, in their heads. They willing disable their ability to tell the difference. A person who lies to themselves may have bravado but not simple confidence. A person who can’t see the truth of anything won’t have many of the traits on this list.

It is important to a confident person to know the difference between wrong and right, truth and illusion. This knowledge gives them the ability to boldly stroll forward into the potential unknown.

They Don’t Share Ideas

I know these headline seems cold hearted and selfish but think about it. Ideas shared get stolen and warped. Can you blame someone for having a clear idea, then doing everything they can to achieve it? Minus anyone else’s input?

Ignore Aspects Of Themselves

They acknowledge their strengths, weaknesses and gut feelings. There is no focus or hype surrounding these aspects, they are what the are. The confident person knows when they are good at something and accepts compliments. They don’t hype the experience into an ego fueled mania rage, they accept it as a nicety and truth.

Confident people know their weaknesses. They are working or beefing that aspect up or hunting crutches to help them with the weight. Gut feelings are important. this second brain is a mystery, but it has fair warnings and intuitions that should be payed attention.

Aren’t Ashamed Of Their Failures

If anything, they might be ashamed they didn’t try harder. Confident individuals learn from failure and keep striving to new and better goals. It’s that simple, learn from your mistakes and move on.

Compromise On What They Believe In

This isn’t to say that these people don’t change their stance as required, it means that they won’t change simply for changes sake or for the happiness of others. While confident people may try to better life for others they will not people please on any deeper level.

Focus On Negative Or Unchangeable Aspects Of Life

This is makes or breaks the essence of a confident person: the ability to mentally leave aspects alone and accept what can not change. Look into the negative element in your life name it, love it, accept it and put it down. If it still wants to rage and be separate from the rest of your entity, that’s its business.

Ignore Body Language

So much of our intent and personality is stored in our body language but most just pass it over as ‘she’s standing there’. The ability to look more deeply and see the irritation or impatience and realize that everything isn’t quite ok gives people a feeling. That feeling is confidence. The ability to read body language or even between the lines of what a person is saying provides more information. That excess of information can be used to better maneuver the world, that sounds like confidence doesn’t it.

Never Believes They Know Everything

A confident person isn’t a know-it-all, though know-it-all’s frequently exhibit bravado. Any intelligent confident person is truing to learn more about the world around them, not standing about waxing on. The confident person has nurtured the feeling of self assurance from information to fight insecurities. There are always more insecurities or forms of madness that everyone has to deal with.

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