7 Signs You’re Deficient In This Important Vitamin

B12 is a B vitamin that regulates your bodies metabolic rates, DNA creation, the formation of blood and normal functioning of the nervous system. It is important to note that plants, fungi, animals (including humans) can’t produce B12. So if we don’t consume it we can’t use it. It has to be consumed. Vegans and vegetarians are most likely to experience deficiencies. Below are listed the major signs of this deficiency.


shutterstock_271483541B12 is an important energy source for our bodies. If you frequently feel tired and low energy you maybe experiencing a deficiency.

With out this complex the body won’t get enough oxygen or producing sufficient energy.

If you experience a lot of lightheadedness or headaches this could be another sign.

Tingling And Numbness

Losing sensation in parts of your body or the feeling of pins and needles stabbing an extremity could be caused by a lack of B complexes. It could also be an indicator of more serious internal issues, please contact a health care professional for advice and blood work.

Joint Pain

Barring previous injuries, unexplained severe joint pain and chronic inflammation could be fixed by upping your B complex intake. People with this deficiency also experience markedly slower reflexes.

Rapid Heart Beat And Shortness Of Breath

If you experience these while resting or preforming low stress and impact activities, you may want to re examine your B12 intake. As these are serious symptoms please consult a healthcare specialist.

General Weakness

Your muscles are significantly weaker with out B12. Besides muscular weakness, balance problems and frequent staggering are symptoms inked to a lack of B12. There was even a case study in which a man with a severe deficiency, could barely walk as a result of his low intake.


This is a serious symptom in which your eyes and skin can turn yellow. If you are experiencing any discoloration of your skin or eyes seek medical attention immediately.

Swollen Tongue

Certain people manifest their deficiency with changes in their tongues. There can be frequent swelling or the tongue will seem to lose it’s bumps, which leads to a decrease in taste. Please seek medical attention if you are experiencing either of these symptoms.

How To Treat B12 Deficiency

shutterstock_116448289Any concerns should be brought to the attention of a licensed nutritionist or doctor.

Each body is so unique and varied that a professional is required to specifically detect and isolate problems. They can provide a shot of B12 that will be immediately felt. It is recommended that you rotate the proteins you consume to maximize the benefits of each.

If you are vegan or vegetarian please be careful. Be sure to eat a B complex vitamin everyday.

There are foods that stay in the style of your dietary choices but realize the amounts of B12 are small. Roasted seaweed, yeast, tempeh, eggs, milk  and yogurt are a few suggestions. Check the packages of the food your eating and do the math to ensure your getting at LEAST 100% of your daily allotment. There is no known danger in going over, so I would recommend 150%, especially if  you lead an active lifestyle.

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