What Happens To Indigo Children When They Grow Up?

I first heard about the Indigo or Crystal children when I was camping in Utah with members of the Rainbow Family. They were called Rainbow children or warriors in the camps I visited. Online I found references to star kids, light children and other meta physic titles. I’d like to point out the similarities in most of these names and themes and talk about why this generational phenomenon is amazing.

For the simplest explanation I will be referring to this group as the indigo children, and it refers to millennials with characteristics I would be happy to see in my own children. Members of this generation are singled out for extraordinary intelligence (in and out of the classroom), intuitive spiritual understandings, and uncharacteristic levels of empathy. In essence, our highly connective and intertwined society are singling out people they believe can change the world.

They are highly resistant to manipulation and insincerity.  They rebel against authority and can have anti-social tendencies; though they have respect and can have great social connections. They gravitate towards older ideas and people: they will oppose many new social forums.  They are the game changers, the generation that will make a decisive difference.

I’m not devaluing the change these young people could unleash upon the world. If nothing else, we need to support youth in their search for their truths and not just Indigos. Every generation has all stars, and with encouragement and protection they have been known to change the world for the better. We have singled out individuals before, for their excellence, in the past. I want to bring this up as a lesson, look back on the triumphs and failures of those who have tried to lift their children to the level gods and saviors.

If you see a really cool young person that you start thinking of them as “hippies,” “hipsters,” or some other demotion, stop. This is a person and while you could very accurately predicting what could or even ‘what should be’, it isn’t your place to dictate their life.

The newest generation is bound to have some personality combinations we’ve never seen. They are the NEW generation after all. The massive amount of information and the on going dissection of every social formation around us has opened our eyes enormously. What did we expect of our children? That they would be fluoride loving, cable watching hapless twits?

We wished for a better future and now it looks at us through the eyes of millennials.

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