This Blackboard In New York Asked For Their Biggest Regrets. It’s What They Had In Common That Broke My Heart

Everyone has at least one regret. With our natural desires, comes fear. Fear that we don’t deserve ¬†what we want, fear of loss, fear of judgement; the specific fear stems of desire and if we don’t address these by products of desire they will lead to regret.

A black board was put up in New York city, on it was written, ‘Write Your Biggest Regret’. All that day people strolling by wrote on the board. People of different ages, creeds, races and cultures wrote their regrets on the board. The variety of comments were definitely expansive . The pedestrians listed everything from relationships they never pursued, to loved ones they never forgave to never making the time.

Fear grips all of us at times. Leaping to the next level of our lives can be scary. For instance: new relationships can seem full of uncertainty and time can fool us into thinking we have tomorrow to make things ‘right’. That’s just fear propagating and justifying its own existence.

If we let fear control our now, warp our version of tomorrow, then we have to carry those justifications with us forever. They will warp over time and become regrets.

Don’t let fear weigh you down for the rest of your life! Make mistakes, love and cry, forgive those you love and chase your dreams. Its better to fail in your pursuit of your dreams than carry around the possibilities and failure for the rest of your life! You can only change the present…

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