This Lady Started Cutting Up Her Old Leggings. When She Finished, Amazing!

Everyone I know has clothes that doesn’t fit them or they don’t wear. During the recent yoga and athletic wear craze leggings take up a hefty percentage of my friend’s unused clothing. Well we got the perfect solution to breathe life into these old leggings that you still love!

This idea comes from Handimania. The Handimania channel on Youtube is a do-it-yourself resource that everyone should look into. They have great, fun and cheap ideas for sprucing up your life and home. This process turns your old leggings into a form fitting short or long sleeve shirt! A couple of quick snips and you can customize the length of the fabric and how deep the chest cut will go

So to complete this transformation you will need the following: a way to view the video below, a pair of scissors, and the leggings you’d like to re-invent. The entire process (including watching the video) will take about 3 minutes of fairly stress free work.

Fold the pants so the seams are touching and lay them on a flat surface. Take your scissors and cut out a half circle originating from the uppermost seam of the crotch. Try it on and see how it fits. Take it off and trim to your comfort level!

For more great ideas check out Handimania on Youtube!

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