Telekinesis Is Real; Here’s A Way You Can Experience It For Yourself

Anyone growing up with super heroes, Jedi or a good science fiction novel have shared my fascination with super powers. I’d rather not discuss the lengths I would go to to attain any number of crazy powers, but I will share with you a way to train your mind into developing telekinesis.

Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate the physical world around you using nothing but your mind… You read that correctly and yes I am serious.shutterstock_196145192

I know I am not the only one that fully believes in the unpredictable and infinite nature of the universe. We know little, can explain less and haven’t explored our own stellar backyard fully yet.

Everyone suddenly has strong opinions about what is and isn’t possible. I choose to believe that the human potential is boundless as long as we can perceive it as so. If you feel this is a possibility then lets give it the college try.

To test your progress you will want to set up a ‘psi wheel’. You need to fold up a square bit of paper or foil and place it on top of a pointy object with a flat bottom. The objective in this trial is to spin the foil or paper with ONLY your mind. A toothpick or paperclip shoved into an eraser seems to be a favorite to set the folded material on.

Once you’ve set it up, hunt for cracks in windows and doors. You don’t want to accidentally cheat yourself with a random gust of wind.

Practice makes perfect

These tips are guides only. They can be done in any repetition you feel productive and in any order.


Meditation makes sense to bring focus to your mind and balance your shifting attentions. You will need 110% of your concentration so start the process now and for as long as you can. Take breaks but nothing beyond 5 minutes.

Believe and visualizeshutterstock_198915077

Believe in your potential and visualize what your trying to do.

As the process falls apart in your head just reestablish your intention and start over.

You need to have faith in what you’re doing and be able to visualize the process from when you set your intention to when you move the wheel.

Form an energy ball

As you breathe you collect energy from the air, and you can pull energy from many sources; the sun, the planet, other humans, chakras, plants and mental formations in your head. The list is endless. Pull on everything you can and contain that energy between your palms. The focus here is on containment, expansion, contraction and if you can spin the ‘ball’ in different ways.

Be Positive

You aren’t likely to get this your first few times. Stay positive and nurture your negative energies. Love and positivity have the most powerful influence. Also if you should unconsciously release energy into your neighborhood shouldn’t it be positive?

Record Your Progress

shutterstock_362979692Track your intentions, focus, what techniques you used and your successes and failures.

This is very personal and any scrap of information may help you fit it all together.

It is important for you to spot what isn’t working. a practise of you may make you feel amazing but be ineffective to the end goal of controlling

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