Scientists Uncovered An Ancient Elixir Of Youth. You’ll Never Guess What The Ingredients Were

Most everyone on the planet is trying their hardest to stick around on the planet as long as they can for some reason or another. That’s why most of us try to rest, take care of ourselves, stay in shape and good humours. This average approach to maximizing trips around the sun isn’t enough for many people found throughout history. Out of the desire to push the limits and live forever, every society in every era has formed a version of their own ‘elixir of life’. Most of these are outlandish and not geared for human consumption. gods and immortals to be would drink various bloods, milk of sacred cows, eat 10,000 year old peaches or my favorite: drink gold! Gurus and alchemists the world over have tried to create something more practical but alas no avail.

Most ‘health’ drinks or tonics meant to prolong life had one common ingredient; they all contained alcohol. That’s right the toxin schools warned us about is the common denominator in almost every life prolonging concoction. It makes sense when you think about it. Alcohol can break down most of the constituents (molecules deemed beneficial) if not all of them. The liquid also makes membranes in the mouth more absorbent so whatever herbal qualities have been imparted on the liquid bypass the digestive track and go straight to the blood stream. The digestive track can break down a lot of the more delicate herbal qualities. Liquor works to preserve the concoctions shelf life 10 years or more depending on how it is manufactured.

A bottle was found during the excavation of a German beer garden at 50 Bowery in New York City, New York. There was enough information that researchers located the recipe in a 19th century guide. It called for 2.3 grams each of rhubarb, gentian root, white turmeric and Spanish saffron mixed with the juice from 13 grams of aloe, 4 ounces of water and 12 ounces of grain alcohol. Shake Often and vigorously for three days, then filter through a cheesecloth. Be careful if you make this, it is potent stuff. I recommend 1-2 drops in the morning. Getting drunk off immortality didn’t work for many gods so mortals should beware. The researchers doubted how healthy this drink was.

In today’s age the topical elixir is described as ‘Monoatomic gold’. This substance comes in many forms and is made from the fermentation process of peat moss and other herbs in alcohol. There are as many skeptics as believers in this modern version of alchemy as in the past.

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