3 Potent Ways To Achieve An Astral Projection

Astral projection may not be what you think it is. Common use of the words often get misinterpreted when discussing the events of out-of-body travel. But, there is a major difference between an astral projection and an out-of-body experience.

astral proAn out-of-body experience is an event known as a split in consciousness. Meaning that the viewer has achieved dual reality in both their physical presence as well as in a non physical body of conscious reality.

Common out-of-body experiences include hovering over ones own body, (looking at yourself while looking at yourself) as well as being in the same location in this plane of existence, but existing in two different conscious forms.

An astral projection on the other hand is a projection of consciousness that elevates the traveller to the astral plane, that is not locally found in familiar or common places such as your bedroom, home or office.

When travelling the astral plane, you encounter dimensions of reality that are unfamiliar and unknown; these places, include planets in our own solar system, planets in other systems, as well as free travel alike travelling through space like a shooting star. The farther one travels, less and less beings the soul will encounter.

Other more common astral projections include unfamiliar planes of reality that resemble our current dimension and yet, are an alternate version of reality. Through mine own conscious travels, I have experienced both local travel where I could look back at the earth from above, as well as non local travel where it felt as if my soul broke the speed of light and arrived to a place unknown. Many of times have I travelled far and near, learning these planes of reality and still I find that my soul yearns deeper for knowledge, from each of these experiences.

Ones first out-of-body experience, followed by an astral travel will open the mind and illuminate the senses, leaving the seeker ever thirsting for knowledge and understanding. It is an experience that everyone must have at least once and when you do, you’ll be relaxationhooked too!

Astral projection and out-of-body experiences are most easily achieved when we are in a state of relaxation.

This is why most travellers find that their projections take place either early in the morning or late in the evening. And so, if you are looking to achieve this, it’s best to try when you are completely relaxed.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Consciously Control Your Dream

Take full advantage of the moment in the morning when you are first waking up. When you realize you are waking, before opening your eyes and allowing your consciousness to fully return to your physical body, stay in limbo. Draw upon what you were just dreaming about and reprocess it in your mind. It is also advantageous to set an alarm for yourself and wake mid-night– 3-4:00 am  especially, as our dream state is most active in deep sleep.

Do this as often as you can and this will train the brain in preparation for splitting your consciousness into an out-of-body experience or astral projection.

2. Set Your Focus

When we imagine different scenarios in our minds, whether it is a worry or a fantasy, we transmit a brain wave frequency. This frequency has been monitored using EEG technology and each wave we send out, holds it own frequency vibration. Now, depending third eyeupon the potency of the thought and by whether it is positive or negative.

(Positive thoughts hold a higher vibration, as opposed to the negative.) it will create a ripple effect that can be viewed like a pulse or a sound wave, that is completely in line with the beat of your heart and transmits from your mind’s eye”.

When we align our hearts to our positive thought manifestation, it becomes the driving force and the manifestation point, that ignites all of the chakras in the body, catapulting the traveller beyond the out-of-body and into the astral plane.

3. Start The Wave

There are many techniques in order to loose the spirit from the body or split consciousness in order for free travel. My personal favourite is known as the earthquake of the mind, but today we will focus on the wave technique which is a little more subtle and will ease you in, first to an out-of-body experience before splitting off so intensely.

It is not well-practiced to immediately hit the astral realm, as psychosis can easily follow if not prepared for the journey. Taoists often warn about the dangers of extended and frequent astral travel and I can attest to this as well.

chakrasThe wave technique has also worked well for me and feels like a dimension washing over you like water, the final step is to just take a deep breath, let go of fear and go under. ;)

The Wave:

Lie down in a comfortable position, in loose fitted, light clothing. Set your focus at the bottom of your feet and visualize raising your energy from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Feel it every step of the way.

If you lose your focus, start back at the bottom and continue to bring it up through your legs, into your knee caps- into your torso- into your heart, until finally it is at eye level. With each chakra point you reach, you must balance the chakra as the flow of energy reaches, it. You can achieve this by non-resistance to each emotion that arises as the energy moves through you.

When the energy reaches the heart, let go of this plane and everything in it, this will be a test of non attachment and it will make the difference between reaching astral travel or not.

Finally, take a nice deep breath and bring the energy into the throat chakra. Let go, allowing the energy wave to wash over you completely.

Happy Travels!

by LJ Vanier


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