5 Tips To Staying Calm and Stress Free Through The Busy Holidays

To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “You have done what you could—some blunders and absurdities have crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day 

During the holidays, many people struggle with feelings of hurt, shame, grief and loneliness along with good cheer. Stress can translate into physical ill health, emotional confusion, reduced productivity, all greatly interfering with you doing what you need to, in order to get though the holiday season.

So here are some tips to feel calm and more balanced during the holiday season.

1. Less is more.
Meditation_2070026bYou can’t do it all and shouldn’t have to. Set boundaries to stop people and too many arrangements from draining your energy. Remember, only you can look after your emotional and physical self.

Practice saying “No.” Spend less money, go out less, eat less chocolate or cheesecake, drink less and limit endless arrangements.

Of course, when you do go out to socialize, feel free to eat, drink and be merry because life is for living and finding joy, however do so mindfully. In other words, slow down and practice being mindful so you can really enjoy each moment!

2. Minimize negative energy. 


Your brain cannot always distinguish between real and imagined stressors. Watching sensationalized news stories, listening to friends, family members or strangers around us complaining, and gossiping has the same effect on the brain as if we had lived those experiences. Therefore….

-Avoid the news if it makes you irritable.
-Take a longer, less-travelled route if traffic unnerves you, or even better walk.
-Avoid gossip
-In family get togethers sometimes emotions start flying, if this is happening it’s ok to stay silent, leave for some air, or shrug off negative comments with a smile.

3. Stay calm and patient when things go wrong. 

Prayer. Two women take a deep breath. Prayer is breathing. #1ab.Life is not supposed to be perfect, especially during the holidays.

There will be a lost phone number of someone you wanted to wish good cheer, people who arrive late for the dinner you spent hours preparing, drinks that spill onto your new carpet, a missed opportunity, or a disappointment … the list goes on.

Set a clear intention to try to stay calm and balanced and happy during the holiday season.

Realize it is part of life and they are lessons to learn rather than situations to avoid.

4. Practice Gratitude. 

breathing1Oprah Winfrey often says that her gratitude journal is one of the most important things that she has done for herself. Research has supported this idea.
Every night, right out at least five things in your gratitude journal for which you feel grateful.

Even if you are alone during the holidays, you can find much to feel grateful for like good health, a good job, a car that runs, family and friends even if they’re far away.  If you want to feel happier, choose to be thankful.

Practicing gratitude allows us to see the positives in our lives and people around us, thus making us nicer to be around.

5. Set the intention to relax.
You could set a clear intention of trying to stay calm, balanced and happy.
Some ideas…

  • relax_your_mind1Get a relaxing, massage by a loved one or at the spa.
  • Listen to inspiring music that transports you.
  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Toil in your garden.
  • Dance.
  • Take a goddess bath with essential oils, soft candles, fragrant gels, and relaxing music.
  • Watch movies and read books that lift your soul.
  • Go swimming in a lake or, if near you the ocean.
  • Set your muses free and create a painting, a song, a dance, a poem, a story.

Have a great holiday and remember: Keep Calm! Enjoy the Holidays! Practise Patience and Kindness!

By: Lynne Woolfson

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