10 Realizations That Happen When You Fall In Love With An Old Soul

An old soul is a spiritual person, wise beyond their years. They typically will have strong emotional sensibility. Sometimes, they have memories from past lives, or have acquired knowledge from past lives to apply to their present lives.

Old souls are out there. So, what happens when you find yourself falling in love with one? Here are 10 ways that you can understand your reincarnated partner better.


Old souls are captured by simplicity.

This may seem ironic, but simple pleasures ground the old soul and make them feel warm and comfortable.

Extravagant gifts may work for some, but not the old soul. To impress them is simple: think intimate conversations on the beach, a night of camping under the stars, etc.


Old souls are intense and spiritual. To stay connected to themselves and their spiritual path, they need time to meditate and generally decompress. Don’t take it personally if your invitation to a social event is declined. They just need some time alone.


shutterstock_150945596Old souls dream constantly, not just while asleep.

While they sometimes will need their partner to ground them back to reality, they also need a partner who understands that dreams are what excite and inspire their lover.


Old souls adore romance. At times, they will expect what may seem like too much from their partners in this sense. But when you are the one pulling the old soul out of the clouds, you will need to bring them back to a beautiful reality.


Going out is nice, but to an old soul, staying comfy and cozy at home with their loved one is golden. Stay in to cook dinner instead of going out? Snuggling up and reading? Yes, please.


Don’t attempt to prevent an old soul from chasing whatever they want to chase. Nothing is going to hold them back from pursuing their desires.

Instead, encourage them to chase.

They may want a stable and secure life, but they definitely will also want room to grow and follow whatever path spirit reveals to them.


An old soul will not live the way most people are expected to live. Rather, life is tabula rasa; a blank page to write in.


Yeah, so possessions and money are a nice benefit, but they are not the most important thing to the old soul. Try intellectual conversation and meaningful experience


shutterstock_282203414“I just have this feeling” is just one of many intuitive phrases your old soul partner may tell you.

Following their hearts is just a way of life. I

t can be intimidating, but try to go with their flow, and they’ll appreciate it.


Old souls are goal-oriented just like the most strident capitalist. It’s just that their values are different. They may dream of ending world hunger or starting a non-profit organization that helps those in need. You will be assured that helping mankind is on the to-do list!

I’m sure a lot of you out there can relate to some of these traits or have come across an old soul yourself. Maybe you’re realizing you are one…what qualities do you have that make you or your partner an old soul?

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