This “Telepathic” Child Was Tested By Scientists And The Results Will Amaze You

Ramses-SanguinoFIVE-year-old prodigy Ramses Sanguino is amazing those around him by displaying signs of  telepathic power

Young Ramses seems to have a super intellect and rose to fame when a video of him guessing numbers written on cards by his mother went viral.  Already learning 7 or 8 languages at the age of five, his mother has bared to witness to his amazing abilities and claims to have always known that there is something extremely special about him.

“I knew even before he was born he was going to be someone special who would change the world,” said his mother.

He seems to be able to digest information like a sponge and his mother never quite understood why. But one rather ‘out there’ explanation given has been that he is telepathic and that it’s these powers that have given him this super intelligence. It’s possible that his senses may so be sensitive that he has the ability to read someone’s body movements and facial expressions with so much accuracy that he can tell what they are actually thinking.

Scientists have been so intrigued by Ramses that they have begun to study his abilities.

One well-knownscientist neuroscientist Dr. Diane Powell has taken a special interest in him and has even created a documentary of his behavior.  In one test is is said he  guessed 16 of 17 numbers correctly that were hidden out of sight, including a double digit.

Check out the  video below:

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Dr. Powell is looking to gain sponsorship so that she can start a school for young, gifted autistic children to harness their abilities. I truly hope she pursues this avenue with passion as I believe these children could be vital to the future of humanity. Indeed they may even be what people refer to as ‘Indigo Children

Lately there has been much talk of a ‘shift in energy in the planet’. You can see signs of this everywhere you look.  And I believe this is one of those signs.

Kasim Khan, Team Spirit

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