Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Have you ever asked the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” Or (even more confusingly) “why do good things happen to bad people?”

Often we just throw our hands up and say “life’s not fair!”  However, this is an incorrect statement because life indeed is fair. We all create our realities using the same rules as everyone else. It’s just that the rules have nothing to do with being good or bad!

sad-coupleTo understand these rules, the first thing we should keep in mind is that many of us have been raised to believe that good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished. We are programed to believe that if we act as if we are “good,” good things will happen and if we act “bad,” bad things will happen.

Now, this type of programming is used to manipulate our actions so that we will behave the way our parents, teachers and governments want us to behave. However, even though our parents, teachers and governments believe that good and bad can be defined and receive consequences, the universe does not.

The truth is, the universe isn’t punishing or rewarding anyone. Again, I’ll say it again for more effect: the universe isn’t punishing or rewarding anyone.

The universe is only ever responding to your thoughts through the Law of Attraction. You get what you expect, regardless of how good or bad you are.  That’s it. If you expect that “good” things are going to happen to you, it doesn’t matter if you are mean or nasty.  Your expectations will still yield positive results.

The same is true in reverse. You may be the nicest, kindest and most helpful person, but if you have negative expectations about how things are going to turn out in life, that is what you will get.sad-man-with-umbrella-walking-in-a-lonely-street-digital-art-artw_preview_e2cd

So, although we have been taught that we should be good and do good by others to get good things, what really matters is what we think will happen to us. This is why we all know a few “bad apples” who have the best luck, and a few “good apples” who are always getting beat up by life’s circumstances.

If you don’t believe me, look for evidence in your surroundings. Check out your friends, relatives and coworkers, especially the ones who seem to have particularly good or bad luck. You will find that it isn’t how “good” or “bad” they are that determines their realities, but rather it is their expectations.

For example, I have a personal friend who is one of the nicest, kindest, and most generous people I know. She’s absolutely wonderful. However, she always seems to be getting sick, she has money problems, relationships issues and problems at work.

Sad little girlWhy does this friend suffer so much? Well, she’s always talking about her bad luck and her problems. She’s always worried about the future. She’s always concerned about how things are going to turn out. Therefore, the universe delivers her a reality that is chock-full of bad luck, worry and concern.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I think back to a manager I had several years ago who was rude, arrogant and irresponsible. She was hated by just about every member of the staff. However, she was given promotion after promotion, and good things just seemed to drop into her lap.

Why did this manager do so well? Well, she was always talking about how great she was, and how much everyone loved her and how deserving she was. None of the rest of us agreed, but what we thought didn’t matter because we weren’t the ones creating her reality-she was.

Now this doesn’t mean that good deeds are irrelevant. For many of us, being kind to others and helping our fellow man helps us feel good and lifts our spirits. If you feel uplifted by helping others, helping others is a great idea-because it makes you feel good about you!  Feeling good about you will definitely help you receive good things from the universe.

Spreading love and kindness are great ways to raise your vibration and make you feel good about who you are and what you are deserving of.  So keep doing that, because it absolutely can help.o-HAPPY-facebook

Just remember, though, that the most important thing is that you have positive expectations for yourself.  Ultimately, your expectations are what dictate what you get and what’s held away from you. Without positive expectations for yourself, no amount of kindness, generosity or helpfulness will ever deliver you a positive reality.

What happens to you is ultimately an inside job. You don’t have to run around trying to prove how good you are or how deserving you are based on anyone else’s rules or expectations. What matters is how you feel about yourself and how you feel about the things you want.

So be as “good” as you need to be to feel good about yourself, and take measures to be as optimistic as possible about the things you want.  Talk up your strengths, and speak about your desires as if you expect them to manifest in your life.  This is how you create reality the way you wish it to be.

I hope this helps to answer the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” If you have any thoughts on this subject, please let me know below in the comments!

By Andrea Schulman, Raise Your Vibration Today

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”

  1. Hi, I read your article about: “Why do Bad things Happés to Good People”

    It is so well expresse and written, I wish I could write like this. In the past me and some able people, were tough how to tought how to teach people about the Truth about whovwe really are. But thé only way to expose those magical teachings where, on one to one basic.

    The problem, even if everything bécane so true and understandable, as soon as they whent back to their present life reality, nothing made sensé anymore.

    This happened also to me, I have to fight to stay in this mode of coucousness, Being one with everything in the Universe through Unconditionnal Love.

    Bless you for this article and intention.


  2. Very nice article, Andrea. Most people do expect good things to happen to them. What turns out, though, resonates with their unquestioning beliefs and convictions, more than their expectations. Also, “Our conscience is the measure of the honesty of our selfishness.”

    1. Somehow an entire stratosphere of life is being left out of this article. How do you explain babies and children enduring the Holocaust ? Read up on it. To even begin to recount some of the horrific lives of small children and say somehow their thoughts caused their torturous beginnings?
      Depending on whether you are Buddhist, Hindu or Christian, each one has their own explanation.
      But look at it a bit more scientifically, as far as I can tell their is a ‘Cult’ mentality that is brainwashing many to think that if they think Good only good happens. If they think ‘Rich’ Riches will come. To an extent this is true. For a example, If one gets a vision in their mind about a career. They keep holding this idea strongly in their minds eye. They are determined to go to college and make this a reality and often do. Their thoughts did influence and cause their reality. But not by magic. By hard work and perseverance. How many people spend hundreds of dollars on lottery tickets? Daily dreaming and imagining the happy carefree and the charmed life they will have? They spend hours intently imaging and feeling this fortuitous life they will live. Do they Win? Rarely. Life is probably a mix of ones thoughts and karma. Jesus, Ramakrishna and many others of pureness endured many trials. Reasons being for an obviously higher purpose. The fourth-century saint Augustine says, “God would not allow any evil to exist unless out of it he could draw a greater good. This is part of the wisdom and goodness of God.”

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