This Short Video Scientifically Explains Why Hugging is Good For You

hug-friend-day-38-cute--large-msg-136699832208What is that desire humans have to give someone a hug when they are feeling down? There is a natural knowing to hug someone when they need that physical connection. It turns out humans need social contact such as pats on the back, hugs and hand holding.  Even science has confirmed that this all contributes to both your happiness and your health.

Check out this short and informative video which explains things in more detail :

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Hugs really are rather extremely awesome if you think about them. They’re free, they’re quick, you can do them in public , you can hug people of both sexes,  and you can hug people of all ages . Seriously, if you’re not hugging, you’re missing out.

So, to sum it up by hugging more you can increase pleasure, decrease stress, increase human bonding, and all the while decreasing the risk of common heart ailments – sign me up please!

Ok! Straight after you finish reading this my advice to you is to find a cute animal, someone you love, someone you want to love, or just someone that you think deserves a friendly squeeze and give them a big hug. They’ll appreciate it, and so will you.

Kasim Khan, Team Spirit

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