How Your Blood Type Determines Your Personality

In Japan, ketsu eki gata or blood type is a popular metric that is used to determine the temperament of people and their suitability for various tasks. They are like the zodiac signs but with a twist: the Japanese take them very seriously and have even made dating services according to blood type!

Furthermore, the blood group question pops up in places such as job interviews, auditions and marriage. To make things even more serious, companies in Japan spend fortunes on researching the correct blood type for a particular product, like soft drinks, chewing gums and even calendars.

This Japanese obsession began in 1972 when a professor of psychology, known as Furukawa Takeji, began to observe evident differences in the temperaments of his students. From his observations, he concluded that children with blood type A were more intellectual, while the most stubborn and temperamental belonged to the B group.

blood type

From that moment on, everyone in Japan started focusing on blood groups. They started enjoying great importance as the biological factor that holds to the key to your personality, subsequent compatibility and
even future.

Let’s look at some common blood groups and what Japanese research has to say about the people who have them:

Blood Type Atypea

  • It is believed that people with blood type A are quiet, serious and with a good temperament. They have a strong character, are reliable and sometimes even a little stubborn. They are also shy, introverted and have a perfectionist air about them. In addition, they are considered as people who can have the potential habit of lying but at the same time be loyal to their friends and colleagues.
  • People with blood type A know how to keep secrets and oftentimes do not express their feelings to another person. They try to suppress their emotions and try to appear to be strong people but inside, they are fragile and a tad nervous. They tend to be very tough with those who do not share the same strong nature and therefore are surrounded by others with the same disposition. They also tend to be heavy drinkers and quite artistic. An important point about them is that if they are put in a position of power, they become arrogant and rebellious.

Blood type B

  • typebThose with blood type B are known to be of a curious nature. They are very caring and try to protect the interests of other people, whether they know them or not. They are easily excited but tend to lose interest quickly. They can clearly identify their priorities and often become so involved in their world that they forget that there are other people surrounding them. They have an independent spirit and strong personalities.
  • They also give the image of being happy, full of energy and enthusiasm but many really are quite the opposite inside. They do not specifically like contact with others during difficult times and more often than not won’t care what others think of them. They are extremely passionate about people and things that really matter to them.
  • They are generally curious, enthusiastic, independent, sensitive and unpredictable but also may have tendencies to be superficial, unreliable, selfish, prying, loose and impatient.

Blood type AB

  • They are of the unpredictable variety; distant and tend to take matters to the heart. A great trait about them is they are adept at earning and managing money. As they are a combination of two types of blood so they often have a mixture of
  • typeabpersonalities: frequently they have two personalities, one for those who are close to them and the other for ones that don’t matter to them very much.
  • They are inclined to be sentimental, with a penchant to deeply reflect on their problems. They have many friends but oftentimes detach themselves from them for the sake of being alone to ponder. They can be very outgoing but shy at the same time. They are also responsible but sometimes they can run into self-made problems.
  • But generally they are efficient, responsive, considerate, cautious, strict, temperamental, easily-offended and judgmental.


Blood type O

  • People with blood type O are outgoing, expressive and passionate. They can easily motivate a group and thus are good leaders. They have been blessed with a strong presence and are not afraid to bet as they know they will win. They also tend to very benevolent and generously contribute towards the welfare of others.typeo
  • They are natural athletes and obsessively look for the win which, at times, makes them appear very boring and self-absorbed. They can be seen as sociable, persistent and reliable but have a tendency to not tolerate or accept their mistakes. Creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and give the illusion of having a lot of confidence in themselves.
  • They are generally enthusiastic, generous, independent, flexible, idealistic, athletic, competitive and adaptable. But sometimes they are clueless, jealous, selfish and unreliable.

In conclusion, blood groups are one of the chief variants among individuals on a biological level. That and their role in reacting to various molecular stimuli differently is what makes them potential architects of our personality.

by LJ Vanier

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