Chemtrails Vs. Contrails – What’s Really Going on?

Chemtrails have become a very controversial topic because of the unwillingness to openly talk about it. There have been pilots and scientists discussing the substances released from planes, only to be considered crazy, not credible or simply wrong.  For what reason? Why aren’t we allowed to know whats coming out the these planes?


Contrails ALWAYS dissipate within a few seconds to a minute. Chemtrails ALWAYS last for extended amounts of time without dissipation.

Regardless of wether or not they are ‘chemtrails’, what is the difference in substance? What is in some of these trails that can make them last hours at a time?The simple fact that:

The fact that it’s not being told to the public is a clear sign it’s something we’re not suppose to know. These are just 2 of hundreds of videos showing non-fading trails in the sky from all over the world.

650e9f480b86e56c3859828dbc461f01The point of these videos isn’t to show a ‘secret hidden agenda’ but CLEAR proof that some of these trails do not fade into the sky.

Ask yourself why? Regardless of what they’re specifically made of, why are we pumping out chemicals that stay in the sky? The point is to make your own conclusion based off the facts, not what other people say.

There is something more going on here, and if you don’t see it; you’re not looking. 




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