3 Reasons Why Our World is Waking Up

It seems all the craze is about how to have a spiritual awakening and the awakening movement. And it’s true, the number of awakening people are rising in mass numbers across the globe and what could be more exciting! Yet, while all of the focus has been “its time to wake up” “it’s time to remember who you are and where you come from”. We seem to overlook an important question. Why are we waking up?

1. We are destroying the earth. Obviously we can’t fight the scientific data of global warming. It’s a fact. As well as the detrimental effects of pollution in our oceans and the massdeforestation of our natural rain forests. However, should the human race carry the weight of this guilt?

That, we are such horrible care takers and “its all our fault”. Shame on us? Absolutely not. You see, guilt is a powerful emotion and fear is an infectious virus. Next to fear, guilt is a number one motivator and today I am here to tell you it’s not your fault, so lose the guilt. If you think because you like/need to consume things that you are to blame for the state of the world, forget about it!

Do you control the world? No, you control your world, so be conscientious and always try to give back to the earth as much as you take.

To put this into perspective you are an organism and in biological science there are three types of organisms. The first class are organisms that give as much as they take. The second class are organisms that give more than they take, and the third are known as viruses, that take and do not give back.

Humans as species, can also be divided into these three classes. There are those who exist on the planet who always make the choice to give back to the earth and then there are those who take and take and do not give back.Whichever you decide to be is your own free will. Be a virus or be a caretaker the choice is up to you.

2. Other Species are Helping in Our Ascension

There is some merit to this theory, as there have been many accounts of inter-dimensional beings assisting in our evolutionary process. And many accounts by those who have undergone the spiritual awakening process of these beings communicating with them. In fact, throughout history there are several accounts of this and are known as stair step evolution. As in the history of Ancient Egypt dating back to 4500 BC where there are unexplained leaps in educational advancement of the civilization.

3. We are Going to Have Open Contact

For over 50 years humanity has been spoon fed little by little, tales of alien abductions and UFO invasion stories. Almost as if we are being prepared for something…..From popular movies such as Judgement Day, to media reports of spotted UFO in the skies.

The number of accounts is increasing by the day. There are also many accounts of abductees, and unexplainable cases where people have clear memory of being taken against their own will.

Whether you believe that another species is here to help in our ascension or another species is here to invade us. The framework of this theory has been embedded so far into the psyche of human kind, that if an event of this magnitude happens for all to see, it will not come as a huge shock to society as a whole. And whether or not these theories have credible proof, we need to understand the motives behind them and associate a better understanding of that in which we exist in to see where they are derived from.

So here is the spiritual science of it all.

The earth itself is a body of consciousness, just as all other planets in all solar systems, in every galaxy; in the entire universe.

What does that mean?

It means that the earth itself is an expression of its own being. In the same way that your body is composed of billions of atoms; aliving breathing organism. The earth is expressed in this same way. There is the common phrase that describes this and I am sure you have heard of it, that “we are the universe experiencing itself in every moment” But how can we truly understand this with clarity?

I AM presence.

What does this mean to you? To me it means I AM nothing and in that nothing, I become everything. I am every planet, moon, star and galaxy. I am every stone, pebble and mountain. I am every drop in the ocean, because I am the ocean. I am everything all at once and when I see that I am everything, I who I think I am, have become nothing.

When I look out into the night sky, I see the same reflection of myself as if I were looking under a microscope viewing the cells of my being. And if you can change your perspective you too might just see how everything is connected.

From the smallest cell to the largest galaxy everything is the same representation of itself. This, the true meaning of ” The Kingdom of God is All Around You”

So let’s get down to the major question at hand here. Why are we waking up?

Throughout the works of Dolores Cannon, a wildly popular author and hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression, we find a common theme. In the last five years of working with thousands of clients for over four decades what Dolores discovered was astonishing.

She began to come into contact with those who had not previously incarnated in the earth. And surprisingly, what she found was that these people had come directly from source itself or other dimensions of reality.

These dimensions of reality are what we understand as cells or circles when we associate them with the flower of life and when she posed the question to each of her patients “why have you come?”. In astonishment, many replied with the same answer “we heard the call”.

Have no fear there is a new world arising. Mother earth must shed her skin to ascend and transform and every ending is a new beginning.  A new world is arising, a new earth, a pure earth. An earth where love is at the very core.

By: LJ Vanier

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