Cool Info-graphic Shows How Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick

There are many adverse effects from not drinking enough water to list a few; Bladder and kidney problems, skin problems, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches.
The best way to avoid dehydration is to sip water throughout the day. As soon you feel thirsty this means your body is already dehydrated.
Drinking in the morning straight after you wake up is especially good for you. 2 glasses of water in the morning will boost your blood pressure and is way healthier than having a coffee on an empty stomach.
It’s worth noting that sweetened juices, soda or tea will NOT hydrate you as well as water does. In fact, those types of drinks actually do the opposite! Sugar and also salt make your body waste water.

If you do love your coffee try to ensure you have one extra glass for every cup of coffee you have.
Drinking water will also speed up your metabolism and make you feel more ‘full’. It has to be the safest and healthiest way to lose weight.
Happy drinking!

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