What it Means to Be The Ultimate Mirror: A Heyoka Empath

An Empath is a person who has the ability to understand the emotional state of another individual.  There are many different types of Empaths and many levels of gifts and abilities.  It’s one thing to be an empath, it’s another to be a Heyoka.  

shutterstock_297740546For the Heyoka Empath, there is little available information and yet is the most powerful type of Empath.  Heyoka or “Sacred Clown” is a Native American term and has been loosely translated to mean “Fool or Clown”.

This translation does not give justice to the true meaning of the term.  To say, to act in a manner that is different, backward, opposite of normal, gives us a clearer understanding.

The spirit of a Heyoka is the Great Mirror.  When you connect to a Heyoka, what you see in them will show you what you need to work on to evolve spiritually.  The Heyoka’s mirror is one of emotion, for however you react to them emotionally is their guidance to reflect back to you.

For example, after being with one you may feel anger, feeling them to be arrogant yet the Heyoka’s mirror is showing you your need to be humble.  Or you may feel great love, again the Mirror is showing you the path of self-love.

The following traits of a Heyoka is defined by the energy you carry. It’s how you interact with reality, how you process emotions.

Some of the traits may include; being dyslexic (thinking backwards), being born breach (coming into the world backwards), doing certain things backwards, or appearing younger than their age.  Heyoka is movement and transformation.


This is something you don’t claim to be. A Heyoka recognizes another Heyoka when they feel that energy. It’s a deep understanding of our how our sensitivities and emotions interact with each other.

In Native American ceremonies, the Heyoka would be the one to disrupt the proceedings so as to get the people to see things differently or to shift the energy of the situation.  Modern day Heyokas, when working with people, will say or do something to shift the energy which creates change, healing and balances the energy.

The Heyoka’s gift is to bring people back into balance and get people unstuck by showing the opposite, the backward way.  Heyoka’s carry the medicine of chaos and this medicine has the power to change people’s lives.

This energy is firm, forthcoming and strong. It is disruption out of love; in the hopes to experience growth.  It is the medicine to show us that the shadow remains unseen and the mirror of truth is hard to gaze into. It’s difficult to humble yourself in a world of ego.

So if you were to meet a Heyoka, would you have the courage to experience the unseen and see yourself as you truly are?


By: Robyn Iacuone


Empath Coach

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  1. Wtf ? …. been doing it forever …. 45 now and just found this stuff out . Been really mistreated and rotally misunderstood . I knew what i was doing .. and one thing i do i havent seen anywhere is the fact that i keep them guessing … i like to have them unsure of what i will do …
    And Bonus im also an
    INTJ MASTERMIND . 136 IQ . Now that i know more clearly excactly what i can do … I Shall now start to flex my gifts …. but i have developed a deep disgust for stupidity … i hate pride. Love to destroy that shit . I basically with crazy emotion and humour explain to them how disgusting whatever trait im afyer is and offer anotger choice … destroying someones whole world view is deim the bottom up while ridiculing their poor consition and simultaneously offering them another option more apealing to everyone . Lol ive been doing it on purpose forever …. now i know why i am the way i am .. . I love it.

  2. I have enjoyed reading all comments so far…

    It is indeed very beautiful and should not be edited.

    We are all on the wheel of understanding.

    Thank you

  3. I know I’m not native american, but things like this, although may not have as much names or details(such as the Indigos with the Star Children!), exist in other cultures. I am pretty certain I am one. I used to think this was a curse, but I am very glad it’s highly revered in other cultures and I am very happy to learn about them.
    While I understand there are unhappy people, I’d like to say it’s important for information to be put out there, and without it, I’d probably never have understood more about myself.
    Like the Phoenix, transforming and change is important for growth, no matter what culture it may be from.

  4. Both I and my first husband are Heyoka empaths. He was born feet first and I look twenty years junior my age!

  5. Braging, egos, why is why you wish to see
    just to be or not to be

    Lonely heartache, spell it right
    or do you wish more tears at night?

    Love is love I tell you! Feel!
    Some are hiding in the trees.

    1. Be careful bcuz me and my hekoya are sitting in the kitchen having a cup of joe really and to tell you the truth honestly u r call our father which is God but we call him abba father buddy plus we are o – negative RH blue bloods holy grail children which our dna is still a question and yes we are aliens According to God’s Holy Word soooooo don’t cure yourself by cursing us and our father

  6. They have been called many things in many cultures, I would not fall into the trap of semantics, or labels which only seek to divide us from our true nature. They signify deeply with the number 13, a sacred number, and are often born on the 13th. Completely unable to be shallow, they strike to the heart of any matter. They say what “Needs” to be said, never what others wish to hear. This could give the misapprehension that they are always playing Devils Advocate, this is not true. They love to agree when agreement is whats needed, however truth is always what they seek. They often use both the creative and rational part of their brains equally and show amazing results when studied under a brain scan, activity off the scale. Synaptic’s firing much faster than a normal human beings. Usually lithe and thin of form, long periods of fasting are common for them and they do so without even noticing it. They almost always starve themselves when depressed. These individuals are the rarest of all humans and there truly might be only a handful of them alive at one time.

    Equating them to Native Americans is kind of silly their souls predate that culture by thousands of years, and they can be found in every culture known to man. But amongst that culture their spirit totem is almost always the Wolf, for they are the Shamans of the world. At a young age they learn to mimic others for survival to blend in, as they often do not understand their place in a world so often devoid of spiritual understanding. I saw someone call to remove negative comments, they hate this. Truth can only be found in the dichotomy of light and dark and all things have there place. Rage, pain, grief all have their place. All are needed to be expressed at certain times and we never seek to hide the horrible things in the world, how else could we recognize the good things. No one would ever want to be this, it’s terribly lonely, and they can only ever be at piece with their own kind, which is like finding a needle in the worlds largest haystack.

    They are the strongest of us, for daily they wade through pain others would find unbearable. Our greatest and most spiritual leaders are always one of these, and they think nothing of themselves, unless they born to find another in which case they are plagued with a loneliness. Never feeling ok without the other, always feeling the other even if they never met, and are worlds apart. If they don’t find their other then they don’t marry, they don’t deal with substitutes, and spend the rest of their lives alone. Artists and Genius with humility are often them as well. Driven meticulously to do something that will benefit the world, they never lose this urge, it defines them. They often abhor religion, and while secretly housing a deep affinity for a “Creator” they are never sheep, never followers. Although they find no joy in leading, they often take the mantle out of necessity. They know better than anyone, that heavy is the head that wears the crown. They are impossible to go unnoticed in a crowd, although they would love to do so, observing others silently is often one of their favorite pastimes. If you find someone siting silently marveling at something trivial or mundane , you may have found one, but the odds are against it.

    Be thankful they exist this world be a very dark place without them.

    1. sad/true… thank you for deepening my self insight. The part about only other Heyokas… is also true, because we feel the other person’s motivations – – their energy… and are often uncomfortable in the presence of those lacking integrity, honesty, or ability to feel the other on a dimension exceeding those without.

      Lonesome can only happen to those not at peace with the company they keep – including one’s self.

      What wasn’t said; is a Heyoka can create the most passionate – – the mose intense – – the most pure of love and energetic vibrations…. with another heyoka in a non-ending feedback loop… but it requires another Heyoka to not burn or imbalance the flame of intense passion out.

      1. When stepping out into the urbanized world of noise and confusion. We need to wear a second skin that does not let their noise penetrate if we are to function in most cities. For when true reflection is reflected back, sometimes violent anger erupts in those around us and sometimes with a single smile a lonely person turns to tears. It is in those moments all is known and all is revealed…

        At home, I have no mate because without another Heyoka the intense purity of love cannot be sustained by others. Thank you for bringing this awareness into our lives.

    2. Thank you! It has taken me 39 years to understand this in me as I fiercely didn’t want to have this, until I could deny being different no more. I am only just beginning to understand this as how I am to be, you really helped to rationally explain it for me today.x

    3. You get it. I’ve never seen it put so plainly before. What we feel. What we want to do to help others feel. The change. Always changing, always wanting to help others who want to change but can’t do it alone. It’s not an ego trip. It’s how we are wired. It hurts us a lot, puts us in sticky situations and forces us to learn lessons the hard way so that we can truly empathize… it’s a subconscious battle between the spirit Self and the Id. The Ego. Learning to let go of our defenses and just be ourselves is painful. But we believe we chose this path. So that we could feel Life to its fullest. And to help others do the same. Thank you for your words.

    4. Thank you so much for this. You brought tears to my eyes. There is no such thing as coincidence, and you filled a much needed void in my life, the need to be understood by someone, anyone. Peace and love profound. So it is.

  7. All societies have their wise and their fools. All societies have their shamans and their clowns. All have their powerful Empaths. All societies have their so called “heyoka”. Cultural appropriation, my ass! Certain languages just have better understanding of and certain pieces of language for a certain idea or archetype than do others. Doesn’t mean that particular archetype doesn’t exist in another culture.

    1. Don’t be drawn in by labels, they only explain a thing for lack of a better term. They’ve been called many things by many cultures. A label is like a name, it gives someone something to call you, but it doesn’t define you.

  8. Maybe some people miss the part where a Sacred Clown or Heyoka is not something a Heyoka would actually claim to be… highly empathetic mirrors looking for virtual ego strokes?? … I love the hypocrisy!

      1. interestingly, I have been pondering why ppl react to me the way they do, I care too much about ppl but they always seem to see these horrible things in me or suddenly turn away and avoid me. I have always been passionate about the truth and I understand most ppl aren’t interested in the truth.

        My very few friends have said that whatever mood they are in when they meet up with me changes to match however I appear to be feeling at the time. They have also commented on how I give them a very different perspective to chew on, one that they had not previously considered.

        This article has given me much to think about. Thank you!

    1. You know, the Moose medicine is a message not only of self esteem but also that you are happy you are who you are enough to share it with the world…. What a flip of the coin, dont you think?

    1. No you’re the first other person Ive seen aware of it. And your comment was made around the time it started, idk what it means or why its happening, but something is going on.

  9. Can’t I just relate to all these “ traits” without calling myself anything? Dang people get so offended over the whole illusion of this world….so caught up in “ ancient blah blah “ and “ our ancestors…..disrespect….blah blah” WAKE UP! Separation is an illusion. Color, race, Religion, ILLUSION. Once you rise above the ignorance there lies truth and beautiful wisdom. No hate and separation. A TRUE “ Heyoka” or Empath knows this. Everyone else is just sleeping………..zzzzzzz

    1. Maya Truthteller… Love your paradigm shift … Gate Gate ParaGate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha…indeed separation is an illusion & tactic of the power greedy, so called leaders that the ignorant continue to elect… We all originate from the same source & symbiotic cooperation is the right course of action in almost every situation that we encounter … Keep up the good work & sharing the Essential teachings to bring about Harmony

  10. In a word” blunt” . To the point. Heritage does not make the soul. Reincarnation could bring a native American back as any Irish American. Depends on what you want to believe. I’m sick again, I also am a reader, quite busy most of the time. I absorb the energy of other people and can’t always get rid of it although I walk barefoot often to stay grounded. I have love for all I know and don’t know.

  11. PLease delete comments like the terribly negative ones above, after you have read them, administrators. Such profanity and stupidity are not wanted or acceptable…. if you want people to visit this site without fear of some idiot who thinks he or she is an old indian God or Godess, monitor the idiots right off of here.

    1. We’ve been insanely busy and we get way too many comments to keep up with in a day. I’m trying my best! We’re working on a solution to many issues, this being one of them!

      1. Lol chill… you prolly have better things to do…. hey at least on this article the idiots are allowed to stay…. it is about the fool after all… ???

    2. Is there anyone else who is a Heyoka too? I really need to talk to someone about this. I’m a bit in awe right now. Everyone I know tell me they think I’m CRAZY because I talk like I do…and don’t wanna be around me.

      1. If word crazy is the word to describe us in this life then yea we are crazy my friend and dont be scared because we can understand what is like to feel everything at once and analyzing it backwards to come in an enlighting conclusion to bring understanding to ourselves and our surroundings, we are the people who can feel pain and joy, positivity and negativity on its purest form and still transform it in understanding for human brain, if you feel you are everything and nothing in same time then you are like me and I want to let you know that whatever you or others think you are cant be easily described in human words, you are something very strong, you are spiritually powerful!

        1. Absolutely . I am everything and nothing at the same time. And I feel everything and nothing at the same time. The light is not greater then the dark nor is the dark any less then the light when one can find the wholeness of himself in his heart and live from this sacred place he brings peace and balance to life

        2. Beautifully said using the English language, Its as if the sky has parted way from its atmosphere and hindrances that have been keeping it just as it is. I am whispering your name………

      2. I am a heyoka…an empath also, of course. I have been “fixing” people for over a decade, but ironically can do nothing to save myself. I am considered crazy by those around me, or rude, blunt, arrogant …different. I keep no real friends close as our gift gets in the way. I have learned to accept most of what’s going on with this whole “gift”. I still struggle as their are very few who can understand. I tried explaining it to someone and well…they just think I’m crazy. If you want to discuss we can via email [email protected]

        1. Yes would love to have someone to talk to about this, have always attached with broken people who needed fixing since childhood. Now my friends only come over when they have a problem. I am finding it painful to leave my home lately, there are so many broken people…

      3. Danielle Ginn, I believe to be a Heyoka. I was visited by a thunderbird in a spiritual experience (which is one of the key traits of a heyoka “words of thunder”) .. and my whole life I felt really different, just didn’t know how much different I was.

        Could you contact me on Facebook, so we could chat more about this understanding of ourselves.
        I have been looking for another heyoka to chat with about their personal experiences as what we call ourselves.
        My name is Corey Rankin from Nw, Ohio

        Peace love and light to all!

      4. how do you think ur 1 of us id like to help ya tunkashila wakan chooses you i can help you my family last of the clown clan

      5. Hi, I go through the same thing, its hard for people to be around me because they see a reflection of themselves. I would love to talk more about it!

      6. Yes, I believe I am Danielle…..and please know that you are not crazy at all! I feel EXACTLY like you and would love to be able to talk to you! I too have been feeling like you and it’s frustrating! Learning more about Empaths and such has been calming and reassuring to me, but certainly would love talking to someone else who feels like me!

      7. I totally understand. I’m living in that place. And when the Awakening happens it’s true insight or sared knowledge scares people into being opposed to changes. Good luck on healing. That’s what you give back.

      8. Yes.

        They look at you like you have three heads. I found out the hard way. But have come to learn more about it. It’s getting better. Feel free to reach out.

      9. I feel ya. I don’t agree on how this article and after reading other articles on this Heyoka subject am seriously wondering who’s words they actually are cuase ive now read 3 different .com pages of the exact same content in the same order. I don’t particularly agree with how it says a true Heyoka never reveals claims to be one. How are we to learn and share what we experience if we never share what we have been through. Im not certain I am one and prb will never “truely” know as their is no diagnoses for it but I can say oddly enough my whole life I have thoes who I see love in tell me great things about me and share in joyous times. Thoes who I didnt care for repelled themselves from me and usually try to start rumors of me and bring down my spirit being mean making fun of or not being supportive end up giving me the willies or an off feeling wether its their own insecurities or what not. I’ve made alot of friends along the way that seem to always leave so maybe it is true I am just a pit stop along the way in helping them find their spiritual journey. Which leaves me feeling lonely and frustrated. It being sad that Heyokas are a mirror I have always found that I easily fit into any sitiation or place being that I search for love & peace as well as I find myself in understanding of thoes going through difficult times in their lives and or just not feeling understood. I also happen to have a native backround being unknown to me until recent in my blood relatives.(I was adopted at birth) that my moms maiden name was (I have learned she died a few years ago) Juarez. This is all so new to me as I have recently been awakwned to all things universal spirited guided journey and also learned from recent toxic relationship to never let yourself be quited by anyone. Be Free to be Open with yourself and others Loving for ALL that you truely and most beautifully are ??????

        1. I agree with your take on not revealing nor declaring one a Heyoka. I’m honored to have the abilities I do. While O don’t walk up and say… hey I’m a Heyoka… I won’t hide it either. It’s clearly among the first words on my twitter bio.


        2. Hello Molly, your traits seem similar to mine. I grew up identified as an Oglala Lakota. The traits that are mentioned in this article are apparent in many and I feel that some ceremonies may not identify everyone. A tribal guided Heyoka goes through several physical testing activities as well, such as placing his hand in a pot of boiling soup. With that said, Tony Robbins teaches groups of people how to walk over hot coals after his seminar without burning themselves,after he assists them through a weekend of achieving the right mindset. Your story sounds similar to mine and would love to chat if you are into giving and receiving support from strangers. I quit going to ceremony a few years back as my involvement in them did not make sense anymore. I heavily identify with these traits but I also know in my heart that human beings in general are powerful beyond understanding and have the power to deliberately create a life they WANT to live because when we take the steps towards that empowerment, we give others with similar struggles the same permission, whether we know it or encounter them.

          1. I really appreciate your comment. I am an intuitive & came across this page after a download in my sleep from my higher source. I had never heard of this type of empath before but it describes me to a T. I was feeling hopeless until I came across your comment. I have struggled emotionally most of my life because I’ve always felt so different. I touch people in ways that transform their life, yet a majority distance themselves. My connections are mostly work related & the few people I hold close accept me but don’t understand. I don’t want to be bound by this description. I want to still hold my gifts and walk with others. Thank you for giving me hope.

      10. I am Heyoka. I’ve always seen and acted out of normal just because I had to, it was my nature. I have the the power of seeing words as clues and for some strange reason I know when celebrities are going to die. Only a few will understand you, most will think you odd. Like attracts like, don’t seek to make others understand you, seek to feel those that do understand you because they are like you. We are a forgotten piece of culture, history, and lore. They can’t see if they don’t know or believe in us, I speak from experience. Most people are clueless, help them if you can, but don’t waste your breath explaining who you are to every, it only drains you needlessly.

        1. I hope you’re not deleting negative comments that are calling out the cultural appropriation in this article. That would be a setback in honesty and grant permission for non-indigenous people to continue to exploit native cultures for their own gain.

          1. You’ve set yourself back by using the term “cultural appropriation” in this way. All cultures possess truth amidst the lies. Only when we seek that truth present in ALL cultures can we find truth. If any culture has something that can benefit another, this is not exploitation, nor appropriation (although you’re using the term as if you believe it means misappropriation), it is living life with the knowledge that knowledge can come from anywhere, anyone, in any moment.

            If anyone possesses knowledge or a perspective that can help others, should it not be taken in and assessed by those others?

            What do you define “gain” as?

            Monetary only? Growth? Is all “gain” wrong in your eyes?

        2. “…I know when celebrities are going to die.”

          sorry that i say this, but can´t you use your skills for anything productive or positive? sugar, alcohol, drugs are the main reason why celebrities die, hunger, poison and war are the reason why kids die every second. celebrities does not need or want you help, they have already their own problems. maybe worth to mind.

      11. I drive ppl away and i do piss ppl off, doesn’t take much. I am very much considered crazy,but, yet i am approachable generous and kind. So…i really don’t know what to think? I am deeply emotional yet i can’t really handle being around low vibration. Need more insight i suppose.

      12. Yup I look bed that. I try to curb it but people sense it and still stay away but they say they trust me lol mostly because I always say what isn’t socially normal that needs to be said

      13. Hi Danielle, I just recently found out that I am a Heyoka. I am someone who doesn’t like labels. I don’t think things should be restricted unnecessarily. It has been brought to my attention however, that I have all of the odd characteristics of the Heyoka, and including the above statement. I just fit the mold so to speak. I have had a lot of social issues in my life because of my personality. I am now 50 . And have always known that I have more strength then others seem to, more problems, more people that I have coming to me for advice, I can’t stand people that don’t have any common sense. Not just lack of, but can’t relate in anyway to idiot people. Especially in the last several years, everything has shifted into a advanced state of enlightenment. the light workers are all coming out of their coccoons! Enbrace your gift as an Empath, we have a very seriously important job to do in our lives. But the true purpose of why you and I, and all of the others is what we see changing at such a rapid speed. This world as it’s known to us all now is getting ready to drastically change. And the Empaths, light workers, are here to keep the energy in balance, among other things, and to help bring the enlightenment to the many we will be working with soon. I would be more than happy to visit with you in a different forum . I don’t normally go to sites like this I was looking something up and came across this. You can friend request me on messenger if you’d like to talk more. Let me know if you do, and then I can give you my info for contacting me. Hope you see this, and can grow from who you are!! We are so misunderstood, it’s not a ‘curse’, like so many people feel until they learn the tools to do what they are meant to do!! Embrace your gift get educated.

      14. change your enviroment or start to listen+understand what others say. it´s always the same. whatever, life is all about colors, so what would the world be without crazyness:) be crazy, some might love it.

    3. If you fear, there is no point of reading this, because you are not ready yet. Maybe the person who wrote something that made you angry or feeling fear of unaccaptance or something, is the Heyoka you need?

    4. Be careful bcuz me and my hekoya are sitting in the kitchen having a cup of joe really and to tell you the truth honestly u r call our father which is God but we call him abba father buddy plus we are o – negative RH blue bloods holy grail children which our dna is still a question and yes we are aliens According to God’s Holy Word soooooo don’t cure yourself by cursing us and our father


    first of all, god damn it, there is NO SUCH THING AS “NATIVE AMERICAN LANGUAGE”. stop the whitemanization and chrisianization and dumb-ification and assimilation – VIS A VIS – GENOCIDE AND HOLOCAUST.

    there WERE over 500 languages in the USA alone before 1492. (and i am not inlcuding canada and mexico and south – over 1,000 languages) and that means there were over 500 tribes. and 1,000s of bands and family groups.

    so when you say “heyoka” is a native word. NO IT IS NOT. for f**k sakes. that is idiotic. yes IDIOTIC.

    IT IS LAKOTA (or Nakota or Dakota) the main siouan dialect. SIOUX is not a SIOUX word. it is a bastardization of some french and Crow words.

    SO EAT CROW. no, actually i don’t want to disrespect those winged ones or that tribe.

    next item – HEYOKA is JUST NOT SPOKEN OF. if you are SPEAKING OF THEM – you have no right to be, because a Lakota would NEVER do such a DISRESPECTFUL THING unless it is an ELDER in a CEREMONY, giving a teaching and YOU ARE NONE OF THOSE THINGS.


    that picture of the WHITE girl with feathers – god damn is that offensive.

    YOU ARE WASICU – STEALS THE FAT. that’s what WHITES do – steal all the good parts and leave NOTHING left for anyone else.

    could i have been kinder here and not ripped you a new one? no. in fact, if youve ever been up on the rez, the grannies PUBLICLY HUMILIATE idiots like you and RIP INTO YOU till you are in tears and run off.


    1. Ya know, you’re not wrong. However, had you been kinder, perhaps we could’ve worked together to share more accurate information. Just because the elders and our ancestors have done something for a long time doesn’t make it right. Knowledge without wisdom is a bad combination.

      1. But that is not the heyoka way. I feel the pain of that person and I m not talking about the emotional. The. Physical stomach pain is really bad.

        1. then ur not heyoka and its up to tunkashila wakan tanka h will let you know after ur hoblecha my family is the last living clan of the clowns

      2. Thank you. Well put. A lot of wounds to be healed and I would hope all may create new paradigms rather than feed the old outdated ones by offending each other. We all are in need of power, which on a healthy level, one will gain empowerment through self -actualization, rather than hurt ohters to feel relief temporarily, and love. The traits mentioned were indeed delivered in an ignorant manner, however, the message has and will unite many who are having the same struggles in their daily lives and are on these sites because they are looking for a way to thrive. The path is a struggle sometimes but I feel that effective communication is a skill, and once developed, is a choice and with support we can all achieve the best with our personality traits.

    2. Anger and hate blinds ,my friend…
      I totally understand why there’s anger for what happened in the past when europeans landed here..But war,rape,torture,stealing of land and belongings was going on in what we call the U.S. today for thousands of yrs before “Europeans”landed here…Its not a white thing,it’s a human thing!!! Look at the aztecs,mayans,mongolians..etc
      Oh and you’re being a total hypocrite if you live in anything other than a teepee,use anything other than a horse for transportation,use or benefit from anything created by Europeans/Americans…

      1. Even riding a Horse is hypocritical of the Native Americans. The Horse was a gift of the “White Man”, Horses were extinct in Native America for 10,000 years it wasn’t until the arrival of the Spanish, English, and French that Horses were reintroduced into the America’s. So even what is one of the most iconic symbols of the Native American culture is direct effect of European integration. The Celts faced a similar fate at the hands of St. Patrick who they ironically now deify. The Aztecs who Native American Tribes share a common ancestry with faced the same fate at the hands of Cortez. It is the barbaric nature of man, but when compared to the rest of the world America is still the most tolerate country we currently have. Although far from ideal and rife with corruption it is still leagues ahead of many other places we find in the world. Man progresses violently, we always have and change is inevitable. The Native American’s also tried to adapt but we’re too far behind the Europeans to catch up. Not even the invention of the wheel had been discovered by Native American cultures setting them 7000 years behind the rest of the world. Their culture(not their peoples) eradication was unstoppable in the face of such advanced opposition. Man’s greatest strength is adaption, and rigid adherence to outdated ideals is nothing but a slow painful death.

        1. Truly a fool if you think europeans were more advanced than pre contact natives. Before colonization you could drink safely from every body of water on the continent. Homelessness and child abuse were unknown. All of nature was groomed and taken to be as lovely as a park by the european colonizers. Intricate compassionate cultures that you are unable in your ignorance to comprehend.

    3. From Desiree, “You need to find a balanced place in self expression. To have head knowledge and then to live this experience in a profound way are two different animals. If you want to view it with such ignorance than most languages are a “bastardization” of another language/dialect. It’s called evolution of humanity as a whole. I have both Cherokee and Lakota ancestry. I come from generations of Lakota (and Cherokee) medicine men, holy men, and chieftains. I am a redhead female that resembles my Scottish ancestry more, but the Native American in me is an inseparable part of who I am. I have natural Shaman abilities, I can read energies, weather patterns, and people like few other can. I am an INFJ and both highly highly intuitive and empathic. I am a great mirror and it’s been a profoundly painful life experience. When you live this experience they way I do, then you give less shits about technicalities of word appropriation, and you find resonation through these words written above. If anyone was offensive in this article and forum…..it was the person in the mirror. You are in desperate need of energetic clearing and anything you can do to open the energy centers of your mind so they are less closed you will have more peace. If anything here offended you, then that is your choice and your creation of your own experience. Take responsibility for how this made you feel rather than blame the world around you. I imagine this isn’t non typical behavior of yours because the problem is not external.”

      1. What do you know about other people, Europeans as such having this type of Lakota type of energy surrounded by them? it is quite possible is it not? It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical native decsendant.

        1. I grew up on an Indian reservation and much respect for the native Americans. I somehow became a heyoka , but it wasn’t until recently I discovered I was when I was having an awakening.. I’ve always wondered why I felt so different growing up

      2. Beautifully said Robyn <3
        I relate to a lot you said. Also with the mixed lineages, Empath and INFP. It is a difficult path.
        Our lifetimes and lineages prior to this lifetime are often why wand what we are. I chose ax white body this incarnation (for safety reasons etc and others).
        My spirit and soul and shaman/healer self etc … Sure ain't white! The colour of skin etc ain't the marking of a being. And no, keeping quiet about these things because people/tradition did before..is not wisdom.
        We are in a time where this information needs to be out there for those that need to find it.
        And it us in the honour and resoect oif those and that which it comes from previously- that this can be brought out.
        It is beautiful these things can emerge again in a safer way.
        And a relief it isn't completely lost.
        May we find what and who we truly are and live and express that in safety and in a respectful environment <3

      3. Robyn, if you wouldn’t mind contacting me on Facebook, I don’t get the chance to talk to many shamans (as I am one myself) and being an INFJ too. I feel like we could gain some insights from each other.

        I’m from NW Ohio

        Peace, love, and light

      4. Ah!!! Do you think you may be an incarnated fae at all? They tend to have a celtic appearance (not always) when they incarnate, and are often young looking in appearance (just like heyoka) and are quite mischievous and fun loving like heyoka!
        I know these are different cultures, but there are quite a lot of similarities. I prefer to be as my fae self, but learning about new things and new ways of looking at things makes me happy.

      5. Thank you. Well put. A lot of wounds to be healed and I would hope all may create new paradigms rather than feed the old outdated ones by offending each other. We all are in need of power, which on a healthy level, one will gain empowerment through self -actualization, rather than hurt ohters to feel relief temporarily, and love. The traits mentioned were indeed delivered in an ignorant manner, however, the message has and will unite many who are having the same struggles in their daily lives and are on these sites because they are looking for a way to thrive. The path is a struggle sometimes but I feel that effective communication is a skill, and once developed, is a choice and with support we can all achieve the best with our personality traits.

    4. Thank you for your reply. I honor your wisdom, insight, anger, power, heritage, knowledge and admonitions. Thank you again for coming forth and setting things straight.

      Ignorance is everywhere.

    5. Thank you! I echo that this article is cultural appropriation of native dakota words and language and needs to be taken down. No robyn whatsis. You are not a heyoka empath you are not a heyoka anything. Please remove this material and educate your readers about how to respect dakota culture and apologize to dakota people and native americans.

    6. You’re stealing white inventions all day long… that’s appropriation and hypocrisy. You’re very racist against whites, they are not your scapegoats!!!

      1. is there a white, or black, or red or etc. colors of a Soul ❓?, We are all Souls having Physical body , NOT a Physical body with a Soul .

        1. Actually yes there is! Its your aura your souls state of being! I don’t give no fucks about where the word came from or if it’s actually the word for what is described here but I for one relate to everything described here except being breached. But any how I feel others emotions as my own n I can tell you from experience any help to help you understand why you think your fucking crazy why very few can relate to you why your feeling a way you have no reason to look unto others emotions n feelings. I knew my dad was dying before he knew n I hadn’t spoken to him in over a yr when I found out he was dying. Before that he was in good health. Now thanksgiving day2011 I was bawling my eyes out due to the strongest emotions I was going to have my child ripped from me knowing full well I had no reason to feel this way my bf at the time said go talk to my mom n maybe she can help you feel better so I did I was grasping at anything to get this horrible feeling gone. Well long story short it was actually her feeling that way about her daughter she had taken from her. I know how people feel even when they don’t i am a natural lie detector just ask my ex my kids my man. I have social anxiety due to the huge stop of emotions coming from people in stores crowds etc I’m only learning what I’m capable. So don’t rip my throat out I’m not claiming I’m a God etc but I will say this article weather full of shit or not I do these things. My man hated me because he thinks I don’t know how he feels when in fact I can tell him more descriptive then he could what’s wrong n how to fix it. You can call it whatever you want a call it a blessing n a curse cause until n even after realization it makes living with others sometimes most of the time in hell. Try n explain what I just did n expect people to believe you there’s the first con second feeling emotions that are not yours, ya you find a solution to that one there’s only one learn to distinguish theirs from yours third any clue what it’s like hearing a store full of emotions inside your own head you don’t want to fourth sure make everyone hate you when all your doing is trying to help you will have tons of friends ya right!! Fifth the physical n emotional n mental drain n strain on yourself just trying to ignore these things that you already know are happening or get even better try following these feelings n emotions n helping the ones they are coming from…… I’ll stop here I can go on n on about the last 8yrs of realization that I figured out on my own without the knowledge of research or written testimonies or even scientific explanation that makes all this make sense cause it won’t only way to make sense of it is accept your different your gifted your talented I can’t label it as I don’t know what it is just that it’s been my life for 30years n I’m going to hang on tight n keep going I don’t need an explanation teachings books etc how far I’ve come I’ve made the journey alone until recently no one knew this about me because I kept it inside sealed up because of the destruction that can come along with others hearing this thinking I’m crazy well guess what I even did till my counselor bought me books about being hsp sensitive intuative etc ya that’s right my counselor a Dr with a PhD n then some so fine dont believe the things written here are possible that’s your choice but I for one know whatever this is it is definitely real n possible

          1. “I”, believe you. I have been feeling like that for years. When I started reading about Heykoya, everything was so familiar.

    1. No worries, a new day is coming. Content will have to pass a series of filters before being published. The people that were posting didn’t put in as much effort into the research as they should’ve. We’re working on the website right now and will eventually get around to cleaning up the articles.

      1. I just posted well attempted to it has not shown up I apologize for my language I didn’t write to hurt anyone just want people to know the things this article speaks of are in fact real weather one or all things in one. People need an open mind there will be many things that won’t make sense that can’t be scientifically proven but for those who experience them they are very real n the powers that be give those blessed with the proof they need that’s it the proof they need not others for they don’t need to understand but accept that get this just happened it’s not coincidence that one particular person saw past your facade of fake emotions I’ve not met a single person in my life that can hide their emotions from me unless I just don’t care to see which never happens or I block the energies which is possible

      1. brooke
        Hi guys will born Dyslaxe and but din[t find out i had empathy unlite i was 37 year old dont look my age at all noer dose my mother or sister, I’m one of these Heyoka Empaths i have leary Differents, when i was little i had a feaver up to 100% so i had a lot of ear stuff, but i thing outside the box and, i had to learing another ways of learing, i lear by dowing also i have a great senet of Art and love to writing, but all in all i’m a Empath Heyoka i had a dream were i was in the place i saw, i also see Deer to, i sok to a man who feet his spirit good, and he know i was a prophice after talking with me about God and i told him about meeting Jesus christ, yes i got to get a vison of Heaven.

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