7 Toxic Thoughts That Are Getting In The Way Of Your Happiness

1. Seeing yourself as a victim.

Victim consciousness is a delicate thing. We are all creators of our reality even if we don’t understand it. To take responsibility for something is having the ability to respond. A victim is only a perspective that you choose.

2. Thinking everybody else is doing better than you.

“If only I had the money she has, I’d be happy.” Deep down, you should know thats not true. The material life can suck us up in its vortex – but keep looking through the illusion. Appreciate what you have, you can never know what’s going on behind the other door.

toxic thoughts

3. High expectations.

High expectations are the ultimate happiness killer because you can never know what other people have prepared for you. The less you expect – the lesser the chance you’ll get disappointed. Be grateful – you have a lot more than most people on this planet.

4. Needing to be right all the time.

What’s the point of this? You can’t admit making a mistake? You’re just doing harm for yourself. Admitting to be wrong is an attribute of a noble and wise person. Besides, everybody has a right to an opinion, so you have your own, but let others have theirs.

5. Being afraid of the future.

Do you walk around on a sunny day with an umbrella, just in case it might start raining? The present is what you have now, and the future is yet to come. So enjoy the present, and adjust to the future when you get there.

6. Your past doesn’t determine your future.Immortality-Fear-of-the-Dark

If you come from a poor family or you’ve done some mistakes in your past, it doesn’t mean that your future can’t be incredible! You are the decider of your destiny. If you have already marked yourself as a unsuccessful individual, it will be your future only because of your attitude.

7. Finding a soul mate will not complete you.

Not being a complete person is not because of the lack of a significant other. First, you need to be happy with yourself before being happy with somebody else. It will only be a struggle for the other person to make you happy if you’re not already happy with yourself.


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