3 Ways To Go With The Flow & Create Magic In Your Life

We all want health, wealth, love, and happiness in life.  But what are we willing to do to get these things?  What is the recipe for creating happiness in life?  The truth is, sometimes all you have to do is get out of your own way and allow more of the energy of the Universe into your life.  It’s sometimes less about what you do and more about your state of being and consciousness.

To go with the flow means to be aligned with Life and the contents of the present moment.  Some people think that “going with the flow” means be a push over, being passive, or being lazy, when in reality it means being proactive and receptive to whatever life throws at you.  It ultimately boils down to working WITH reality, instead of working against it.  And it’s only when we begin to look at Life as something that is on our team can Life begin to look at us like we are on Its team.

Here are 3 key ways to go with the flow of life and create magic for yourself!

1) Surrender your will

This may sound silly to some people.  Isn’t our will what makes us human beings and enables us to create the life we want for ourselves? Isn’t our will what is going to change the world?

This is true, but consider this.  Human will is also what is responsible for all of the war, crime, and planetary destruction we see right now.  There is a huge difference between your will as a soul and your will as an ego.  Your egos will is to do things that it wants to do for its own pleasure, whereas your souls will wants to do things that benefit the collective consciousness as a whole.

When we surrender our will to the will of our Spirit, God, or the Universe, we allow ourselves to become aligned with and guided by an operating force much larger than our own personal will.  We step into the flow of the universe and allow ourselves to become vessels for whatever it has in store for us.  Instead of using your egoic will to satisfy your “I wants”, surrender to what Spirit wants for your life.  This gives the Universe a vibrational permission slip to step into your life and create magic for you.

2) Slow down. WAY down.

If you are at all like me, you try to do too much, too fast, too efficiently.  A lot of the times it’s not even me, it’s just my mind obsessively trying to be as productive and creative as possible.  When we are operating too fast, we allow life to pass us by because we are always projecting our awareness into a future moment.  When we do that, we end up treating the present moment as a means to an end over and over again, and this will always create conflict.

Slow down your energy field and allow yourself to become the witness of your mind.  It is not you as a soul that is operating at too fast of a pace, it is your mind that is going too fast and is dragging your attention along with it.  What happens is the mind is constantly worrying, anticipating, and projecting itself into a hypothetical present moment.  If you are lost in your mind, you too will get lost in the current of its pace.

Slow down. Relax a bit.  Don’t let your mind drag you out of the present moment.  Only when you align yourself with Life can magic begin to happen, and Life can only ever unfold in the present moment.  Align yourself with the present moment, take a deep breath, and only then can the Universe start creating magic in your life.

3) Don’t resist change



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The universe has been evolving fluidly for at least 13 billion years.  Elements, stars, planets, galaxies, and life forms.  We, as human beings, are another activity of the universe that is part of its evolution.  It is the nature of our species, our personality, our bodies, and our minds to evolve and change with the flow of life.  We as people are the only thing in the entire universe that resists Nature’s evolutionary force.

We resist the aging process, new relationships, new living situations, new jobs, new friends, new opportunities, and new ways of thinking.  We resist new habits, new lessons, new personality traits, and new identities.  The universe is here to experience itself, and when you get in the way of it experiencing itself, you are essentially getting in your own way. You are the universe in human form experiencing what it is like to live from your unique point of view.

When you resist change you are resisting the very forces that created you in the first place, and you are also resisting Life by saying “no” to what the present moment contains for you and your life.  When you start accepting reality and working with it, miracles will begin to happen in your life because you will allow the Intelligence of the universe to use you as an extension for Itself.  Be like water.

You don’t have to do anything to have magic in your life

You don’t have to do anything to feel alive, magical, and feel at One with all things in the universe.  To “be the change” in the world, it starts first with you and your own energetic state.  The more you are aligned with Life, the more your life becomes an extension of its Flow.

All of the points mentioned in this article boil down to the same main concept of giving the Universe vibrational permission to work through you and manifest Itself in your life.  Everything you could hope for in life is waiting to blossom, but sometimes we have to get out of our own ways and remember that everything beautiful about life illuminates when we life as souls aligned with the flow of life, not when we are egos who demand from life.

Slow down a bit, surrender your will to the will of the Universe, and work with change when it presents itself in your life.  Not only will you live an extremely happy life by doing these things, you will also allow attract and create magic for yourself by showing the Universe that you are ready to set your ego aside and step into higher consciousness.

Hope this helps!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit

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