Spiritual Loneliness: What To Do When No One Understands You

For those who are spiritually-minded, it’s not uncommon to feel a little disconnected from other people at times.  The experience of loneliness is almost a natural byproduct of spiritual awakening.  Though we might be connected to our inner guidance system, we might also feel a little displaced in modern civilization where materialism, consumerism and negativity often reign supreme.  If you are going through an awakening process, or if you already have, then you will certainly know what it feels like to be rejected by the herd.

So how do we maintain a feeling of unity with everyone, while also feeling like we are emotionally separated from everyone?

Here are some helpful ways to cope with spiritual loneliness:

1) Reality itself is just a play in consciousness.  It’s all a dream.

You are dreaming right now.  You aren’t dreaming in the sense that your body is asleep, but you are dreaming in the sense that when you die you will wake up in a new dimension.  You will realize that your life and your journey was all one big play that was setup so that you could evolve as a soul.  Zooming out and gaining perspective like this really helps with dealing with loneliness, because it allows to remember that our life is a manifestation of our consciousness and a projection of our creativity.

Don’t take things too seriously! Learn from the dream, listen to the dream, and explore the dream.  But don’t let the contents of the dream hold you up.

2) Operate from love rather than fear

Don’t let thoughts like “I’m always going to be alone”, or “I’ll never find a good group of friends”, or “I’m never going to have someone I can relate to” dominate your consciousness.  The problem of using fear as a motivator in life is that making decisions out of fear actually pushes the things that we want away from us.   For example, if we are afraid of being lonely, we actually attract more loneliness into our lives.  Will anyone actually be energetically attracted to an energy field of fear and self-pity?

Operate from a space of self-certainty and self-love, and you can’t help but attract that into your life.  When you allow fear to be your dominant feeling, you are telling the universe you aren’t ready to step into greatness yet.

3) Go with the flow

Life in modern society can be very frantic.  There is no need to rush, and no need to try to win the rat race. Remember, there’s nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do and no one you need to impress.  Sometimes, we cause ourselves anxiety by holding ourselves up to expectations society puts forward for us.  You don’t need a group of 10 friends that you get together with each weekend.  You don’t need a Twilight relationship.  Holding expectations of achieving a cookie-cutter life only breeds stress and confusion. Learning to completely let go and relax will be one of the best things you can do to creating a happy life for yourself.

Follow your intuition and do the things that come naturally to you.  Life is about the journey.  Work with the universe, follow your heart, and be open to possibilities.

4) Seek others out

Always remember, there are many spiritually-minded people out there.  Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t found any yet within your immediate surroundings.  Take action towards the lifestyle you want, and meet the universe halfway so that it can create synchronicities for you.  Take a yoga class.  Take a class at a local metaphysical shop.  Hangout at a progressive cafe.  Join a spiritual community online.  Keep all your doors open.

It’s not uncommon to feel alone or excluded in our society, especially if you have alternative views and beliefs.  Don’t feel bad for yourself.  Self-pity is useless.  Feel proud that you have the courage to be yourself in a world where individuality is suppressed.  Feel excited that as long as you are in integrity, you will only have incredible relationships from here on out.  You are loved, and there are millions of others who feel the same way you do.

I feel “spiritually lonely” too sometimes.  But the important thing to do when you feel lonely is change your perspective, operate from love, be proud of yourself for being true to who you are, and trust that the universe will provide you with the support system you need if you are willing to take a step outside your comfort zone to make those connections happen.

18 thoughts on “Spiritual Loneliness: What To Do When No One Understands You”

  1. I feel this way too . Maybe soon there will be a way to identify each other . I want to know that someone else knows

    1. I woke up and my spirit took me to oceans just me and my craziness but love and friendship I found after 4 Years I do everything Automatic n my Finger types by spirit. Moses says he’s my guide and haigler a Catawba medicinal man so crazy but also fun at most

  2. I think i had a kundalini awakening. But now i feel lost. I sense and hear things thst others do not. I can relate to not feeling or emotional attached. I pray for a guide/guru to help me but my prayers haven’t been answered yet. Some times i wounder if its negative spirits i hear but i feel love and guidance but i still doubt myself. I pray everyday. I read about spirituality and hinduism a lot. I just dont know where to turn anymore. Any advise?

    1. If you seek the truth, you should understand that you need not turn at all, just keep going and the universe will land you exactly where you need to be. As for hearing and sensing things that others don’t and not feeling emotional or attached, you’re not alone, there are many like this. You haven’t remembered what cannot be forgotten yet. Usually what you speak of are traits of an old soul. From a purely scientific point of view, everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of any reality and you can’t help but experience that reality. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is infinite and time itself is but an illusion albeit a very persistent one. As for advice, you should learn how to change the frequency at which you vibrate. Also noteworthy is that nothing can cause you any harm unless you give it permission to. Most won’t believe this, but it’s very true. I should be dead many times over and yet here I am… “Those who believe they can and those who believe they can’t are both usually correct.” never underestimate the power of a single thought.

  3. I was born god realized and so I have been suffering from this forever pretty much. Once Shiva showed up and the rest of the reality was blown out of the water…this has made it worse, it’s like am never accepted for who I am but all I do is project love to everyone. It almost feels like abuse on some level. I know better and always forgive and learn but it is to spoken about freely amongst most awakened people. It’s hard KNOWING. It’s hard seeking out your tribe also when a lot of “enlightened” individuals are not enlightened they just read a bunch of books and still you have no real tribe so to speak…..then suddenly like today….I remember that God has always been with me and that helps. The sadder part of all of this is that everyone is under the assumption that god realized and enlightened means your always happy and have no problems, we still have live out our lives here just like the rest of the jivas even if I am not one. We suffer in silence. Thank you for this article. Om Namo

    1. I woke up and my spirit took me to oceans just me and my craziness but love and friendship I found after 4 Years I do everything Automatic n my Finger types by spirit. Moses says he’s my guide and haigler a Catawba medicinal man so crazy but also fun at most levite tribe and Catawba nation

    2. I completely understand only my spiritual view is enlightenment through Christ Jesus.. I’ve been operated from enjoying my life for over 16 years. Always a negative connection to people when all i want to share and receive is Love.. it sucks big times .. and what makes it worse is those who dont care about respect morals love peace and unity are u a practical sense si much happier in there day to day actions… I’m not even asking for much.. just to have back a sense if belonging and excitement and Joy in my life.. hope things get far better for you.. if you find the key to what makes you happy without compromising let us know… God bless

  4. I have been emotionally distant from friends/family since about 2011. In addition, I have no recollection of names/events that have happened recently- as if I am in a sort of dreamstate. My physical body has changed and I know all this is not due to depression or mental illness- as I am a therapist myself. The detached feelings have actually caused my family to question me as “cold hearted” but I’m not… anyone else deal with this?

    1. I’ve been going through the same thing since 2010. I feel like an alien from another world, and like there’s no place that I fit in here. I’m American currently living in Cambodia, and have been traveling the world trying to find the best place that I feel most spiritually comfortable.

    2. I have slowly removed connections from people I thought would be “at my deathbed” over the last few years, made two major geographical moves due to nothing more than feelings that I needed to go, recent events fade away from memory very quickly, and there are noticeable differences in my hair, face, and body over the timeframe this process has been going on. I don’t fit any mental illness descriptors and have no interest in taking psychotropic medications. My oldest family/friends remaining don’t understand at all, which is understandable since I don’t yet understand it either… the only thing that keeps me going is these external changes that have no explanation other than “spiritual awakening”.

    3. Yes for sure, I completely get what you mean, maybe its because we are so away in our minds a lot of the time? I have problems remembering a lot of things and I really dont have a lot of people in my life that I can find energy to hang out with, I do love them though of course. I also feel detached from myself quite often, as in I can either look in the mirror and see a stranger or hear myself speaking in 3rd person almost when I am with other people. It doesnt last for very long when it happens but it does happen more frequently than it used to, it doesnt scare me though. I am also studying to become a therapist, and definitely not crazy (I hope!:)

  5. This is very true…
    I had nivikalpa samadhi and kundalini twenty years ago so I understand… but now I get pleasure in simple interaction with strangers in supermarkets etc.
    What is truly at the core often is a psychodynamic inner child fear of loss of your parents. Outgrowing those around you can bring out wounded inner child issues… and these fears need clearing to feel whole again.
    If you have worked through these issues, then your guides can instantly bring the right people into your life…
    Look deeply at the loneliness fear…
    Bless Edward [email protected]

    1. That is what I have been wondering, thank you for articulating it so well. Do you think this inner child fear/ issue resolves on its own, with Grace or is outside assistance required to clear? I suppose it depends on the individual.

      Thanks for sharing. Xx

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